[MV] FT Island – Treasure, AVI | HQ | 856×480 | MU.MF.FS.YB

333sorry for the long wait ~ <3~


  1. hehe thank youuuu <333

  2. shashacute · ·

    thank you!! they are very dorky in this mv 😀

  3. melissa · ·

    thanks ❤

  4. love the song… great…!!!!
    I hope they’ll have slow rock or sad love song in this album… it’ll be great to hear hongki voice on that kind of song again…

  5. Hello :DD You can download MV here also 😀

  6. what a great song!
    I’d like to hear hongki’s voice again

  7. Cool, love it! Thanks ^^
    I’m big fan of F.T.Island and I searched good fansite of them. Your site is really great! A lot of great informations and useful things, I will come often. I would like to exchange links with you ^^

  8. thanks

  9. Wowowow!! Thank you
    I love the cap pic : P

  10. thanks!

  11. thankyou a lot ❤

  12. Thank you so much for the MV ! Love this site !

  13. thanks for sharing….
    i love you so much
    love love love………………….

  14. SahArashi · ·

    Thank You!!!
    Happy \o/

  15. Thank You!!!
    I love F.T. Island!

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