[ENGSUB] Good Daddy ep10 (090110) – Hongki & Heechul

333TRANSLATED BY 33rainynights, Heidi @ ShancQ, Xiaosi, Melisasasa
EDITED BY Grace & Melisasasa
SUBBED BY Winterxstar


DOWNLOAD LINK (mediafire & megaupload) [ CLICKHERE ]

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So, please help us promote the links ^^

PS: The links can only  be found in our forum , so please come and take a look ^^~


  1. Waah..thnk u so much that u continue subbing good daddy because i miss hongki so much..

  2. .•:*¨♥Thank you so much♥¨*:•.
    (•¿•)I really really love this show♥

  3. Tiffani · ·

    Thanks for uploading!!! But I’m having problems finding the link on Happy Island’s Forum. So I have only viewed part 1 of Good Daddy. Could you please give me the links?? Becuase I love this show!!! Thanks!! ^^

  4. thank u so much………Thanks 4 ur hardwork…hope u can continue subbing good daddy..I miss hongki so much..

  5. heeswan · ·

    thank U as much as univers *_*

  6. cheezstring12003 · ·

    hi i went to the forum and i registered but i cant get to the links… i pressed click for more details and it said that i dont have permission to view the topic…

  7. always has an error each time i click the subject when i’m at happy island webbie. any help? ):

  8. waaah…thank you very much…i watched the unsubbed version before and just assuming what they said myself..so happy..thanks again.. gonna dload this after my class today

  9. yeheyengsubs! · ·

    thankyou so much! its still in youtube! 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for subbing this and uploading this on youtube. This is a really great show indeed 🙂

  11. yay ! i really in need of ep 5 , 8 and 9 ): with eng subs T^T

    thx for uploading 😀 !

  12. thank you for subbing the videos..
    thanks for the hardwork!

  13. wow.. thank u so much..
    really looking forward to watch this video..

  14. Shin Hye Hoon · ·

    How i can see the others links?,
    i’ve registered in the web but don’t see it -.-

  15. Ehrm.. have you read the rules of the forum yet?
    It says that you need 30 posts or more before you can see the download links…
    And if you want to watch the youtube version, then you need at least 20 posts.

  16. Thanks a lot for subbing this?
    But, what happened to the happy island forum? I can’t access it

  17. thanks

  18. wooh,..

  19. I’ve registered in happy Island but i still can’t get another video of good daddy. do you know how to acsess that?? please help me..

  20. Read the rules.
    You need 20 posts/replies to see the online uploaded version of the show.
    Or 30 posts/replies to see the download links.
    To get your posts, just reply to threads, discussions, etc.

  21. thanks for subbing!!

  22. it’s really good, thanx for uploading, but can you help me watch the 2nd part? Its not working for me

  23. Hongki is hilarious! haha thanx

  24. ouuhida · ·

    love! love! love!

  25. number1elf · ·

    Thanks. xD

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