F.T Island’s 3rd year Anniversary – [ENGSUB] MBC DVD Collection – The Ultimate Story of FT Island

Hey guys starstar

I’m Windy from Happy Island skull
Today is really really special, right? hee hee
Hope that all of you feel comfortable now keke

OK we all know what TODAY is blushing

Singles, Albums, MVs, Performances, Concerts, Fan meetings and loads of Awards …
Our TREASURE BOYS have done very well, and I bet they can do better in the future
love strucklove strucklove struck
3 years is not too long for a band, but it’s not short at all ^^
Let’s wish them all the best things in the world , and make a promise that we will always beside the boys, step by step
love strucklove struck

Now we’re going to say “Hi” to the 4th year
We – Happy Island – will also try our best to bring a lot of  Subtitled Projects to you, to help you know more and understand more about F.T Island
good luck. 3rd year Anniversary Subbed Videos are now released. What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE right now to see MBC DVD Collection – The Ultimate Story of FT Island FULL SUBBED

By the way, we’ve just broadcasted a new YouTube Channel:


From now on it will be new friend of you. Many things about the TREASURE BOYS will be released here. Deep into my heart, I hope that you would like our subbed videos love struck. And if you like them, please support us more and more in the future. Don’t forget to subscribe, OK? big grinbig grinbig grin

Now, hope you would have a better “New Year” with F.T Island

Cheerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr XD


  1. ryokolee · ·

    Hi Windy… Thanks alot for all the hard works..
    We really appreciate it very much..

    Time really flies… I’m glad that i’ve been with the boyz all this long.. To witness the boyz growing so much now, not only their physically appearance but also their stage performance, i’m so touched and it could really move me to tears.. I’m SO PROUD OF THEM..: )

    I really hope the best will goes to their doorsteps..
    HongKi, JongHun, SeungHyun, JaeJin, MinHwan & WonBin = strong brothership bond and please be healthy and safe..

    More lucks and loves to you guyz..
    You know what.. I also hope i could witness you all to build a small little family of your own..: ) Be happy guyz..

    Love you..

  2. Happy 3rd year anniversary!

    Thank you so much for your hard work!wish them all the best for their 4th year.

  3. prima_rose · ·

    Cheers! Happy 3rd year anniversary Ft Island! more years to come!

    And I just wanna say thanks to all subbing team of FT Island, special mention – Happy Island. You guys are so great! FT Island is lucky to have all of you. Keep up the good work.. We’re here to support! ^^

    God bless…

    Primadonnas are ASTIG! (Astig is a tagalog word for Cool, just wanna share ^^)

  4. elevensundays · ·

    Hi there 🙂 I’d like to ask something regarding the links to download the episodes of You’re Beautiful. By the way, I’m viewing these videos using iTunes (cause I want to sync them into my iTouch). Anyway, I managed to download episode1, but when I started downloading episode2, I realised I couldn’t view the videos 😦 Please help me here cause I’m quite new to these things. Anyone can help me? :s THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! 🙂

    [Sorry, I know this post has nothing to do with my comment, but I’m not sure where else I can post this so that it’ll be noticed.]

  5. zenitshu · ·

    Happy 3rd year anniversary!

    oh such a long time..
    can’t believe it..
    thanks for the subbing team for all your efforts and hard work..

    let’s keep support them for the 4th year.. hope they can be better and better.. 🙂

  6. ledoquyen · ·

    hi ^^
    actually, your comment would be more noticed if you post in the right entry 😀
    About your question, the videos/files were splited using HJ SPLIT, so you should join them again first before doing anything by …”HJ SPLIT”
    its a freebyte software so no doubt it costs no space of your harddisk ^^
    hope that helps!

  7. I’m really glad that someone like you still supports FT Island so much. You know, with FT Island being active in Japan, and CN Blue kind of like taking over them, it seems like they have been forgotten. Although I’m also a Boice. Yay! But I’ll always be a Primadonna. #1! 😀

  8. kurabi_phatty · ·

    thank a lot guys, really appreciated.

  9. thx a lot 4 ur hard work…. =)

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