FT Island – Interview + Flower Rock (NHK Music Japan 100523) [1280×720 HD]


DOWNLOAD LINK (1920×1088)



  1. i listened to it yesterday
    it’s really great
    thanks for the file very much!

  2. ryokolee · ·

    Thanks for the upload..
    I’ve watched this and the boyz kept me smiling throughout the whole interview.. Really really miss them…

    I assumed that their Japanese has improved alot.. Well, i don’t know Japanese but i noticed the way they spoke are more comfortable and smoother.. : )

    Well, look forward to the subs..
    And, live Flower Rock is killing!!
    Love it so much..

  3. koreanheartthrob · ·

    ahh ty! Never watched a jap music show before.. wonder how it is ^^
    F.T. Island ftw!

  4. oh dear i’m crying alot!!!plz answer me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!plzzzzzz!!
    does lee hongki have a girlfriend??
    if not,what are these???????????

    you are the only person that i trust!!plz answer me soon or email me:
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz dear!

  5. 1920×1088!!!!
    Thanks shareing><

  6. Nyantai Ajah Dulu Ah! ^^ · ·

    Will you translate the interview?

  7. untoldsorrow · ·

    The boys are soo cute during the interview. Love the live performance! They can FINALLY perform live for the fans without it being a concert. Show every kpop idol your true skills!!

  8. peerless · ·

    uploaded to Mediafire please.

  9. thanks so much for this cut!
    i miss them so much and it is said that Hongki has been under the weather recently..so worried! hope they have a good time in Japan and take good care of themselves as well

  10. winterxstar · ·

    @laura Okaay, just breathe and relax~! 😀 First off, the first pic is from Hongki’s musical, which had a kissing scene in it.
    As for the second pic, it’s an old pic of his ex-girlfriend (I think!), so I don’t think they’re togetherr anymore.

    And for whether he has a girlfriend or not, no one really knows for sure. But, it’s his personal life, and if he does have a girlfriend or not, we should still support Hongki either way ^^~

    Oh, and yes! Hopefully we can translate this soon~ I love watching ft island interviews XD hehe

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