Beast – Easy (Mcountdown 100506) [TS|1920×1080]

333Most of you should’ve known that Mnet’s started broadcasting Mcountdown in HD ever since its comeback . But well, to me … it’s not easy to have those files … not as easy as Inkigayo or MBank big grin
However, here we are !!! XDXD an awesome performance of Beast at Mcountdown in HD resolution love strucklove strucklove struck
It’s even better than Inki or Mbank’s HD files love strucklove strucklove struck

DOWNLOAD LINK (1920×1088)



  1. _WiNd_ · ·

    I knew abt Mnet HD but it’s the first time I download perf from it =D, thank you very much.

    And Ki Kwang’s cap again hahahahaha

  2. wel… i don’t wanna say this but you can’t call Mnet is HD cause it has the resolution of HD… when you sync your laptop or HD box to a HD TV, you can easily see the diffirence between Mnet and the other real HD channel like SBS or MBC

    and besides that, the Mnet sounds is very small…

    some HD sharing source like jksky or krmvt always share Mnet lates

  3. Thank you

  4. ledoquyen · ·

    @jeffectvn : well, that’s right…Before, Mcountdown can’t be called a HD show, even with resolution 1920×1080.
    but ever since it started broadcasting again after a long time… the HD resolution is real.
    They have a HD channel for Mcountdown (or sth around that line ,i don’t live in korea so don’t ask)
    BUT this is definitely HD!!! just like SBS Inkigayo or KBS Mbank.
    This wasn’t upconverted from a SD vid (if it has been done, it would be seen easily since the quality isn’t that great at all)
    well, you can watch to know, it’s even better than some inkigayo perfs i had on my laptop!

    plus, the sound is completely fine (in this HD file)
    got yourself up-to-date!

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