[ENG] Strong Heart (100406) – Hongki CUT [800×450]








  1. ryokolee · ·

    Thanks for the latest sub…
    The sub and the clip’s quality are great!!

    Really feel for HongKi and his team members..
    It’s ok, HongKi.. NO human is perfect, including you and me.. So, let’s learn and grow together..
    The past incident was just an entry to your life journal. No big deal…: )

    Miss the boyz..
    FTI FighTing!!

  2. ledoquyen · ·

    wooh !
    hi people, this is Hailey here!
    i just suddenly feel like commenting something ^^~ … hopefully, you will feel the same when watching this subbed video …commenting i mean ..keke!! XD

    Hongki sounds so sweet and thoughful to other members …
    it also brings back ‘awful memories’ when he was hospitalized =[
    however, when i was watching this video …i don’t feel sad for him or something like that . Instead, i feel really proud of him, proud of FT Island =]…Imagine you have to sing with that situation of health and you’ll know how brave he was! plus, professional !! <3~

    handsynching … FT Island and CNBlue …
    i wonder when korean bands can truly show their talents like any other dancing groups …
    Anyways, FT Island and CNblue HWAITTING!!!

  3. ryokolee · ·

    Hi Hailey…

    Yes, i’m proud of FT Island too…
    I felt sorry when people tagged him as “Legendary Off Tune”? I was like… Gosh!! Do they have to be so mean? And, is he still on the top search for the Off Tune thingy?

    All fans knew about his health condition but some people just don’t understand.. Same like the case of being accussed “hand-syn”..

    But, i’m glad HongKi talked about this in STrong Heart.. It means that he already got over this incident but of course, there’s this weird feeling to watch back the old clips.. Anyway, let’s have a good laugh together, HongKi.. Nothing to be afraid off when you’re doing your best on stage and admitting that you’ve forgot the lyrics.. Love your honesty & confident..: )

    He and the rest of the boyz are optimistic.. They always know they need to work harder to show the best of them, which i always have faith in them..: )

  4. ledoquyen · ·

    keke … those words are definitely belong to a FT Island bias XDXD
    totally agree with you dear =]
    and …somebody …who downloaded the vid …


  5. sinisterteacher · ·

    Thank you for sharing this. I cannot wait to see what Hongki’s got to do this time. 😀

  6. thank you for sharing! i soo love this!! :DD btw, can i get your email address?

  7. thank you so much!!!

  8. Kaze@360kpop · ·

    Really like this
    I feel for F.T Island
    However they try hard, they are still called ”handsync” band
    It’s OK because we all know their true talent
    I love the last part – Hong Ki was too cute whrn he was young keke

    Thanks for ur hard work Happy Island^^

  9. soooo so coool ^^
    thanks for subbing the importent parts ;D

  10. heeswan · ·

    very nice
    i could not stop laughing

    thank u so much

  11. Hongki Comel88 · ·

    Thank you so much for this great video n sub..!!!
    I’m really miss them like crazy and waiting for their comeback..
    Hope they success in japan too…

  12. Thank you so much for this ❤

  13. thank u 4 sub & sharing !!
    I’m so proud of hongki ❤ he's so sweet !
    i loved how he was so confident about his picture ,
    but when he saw the pic he was like WTH !!

  14. How can I make the video viewable for me in youtube?

  15. rain39 · ·

    THanks a lot for sharing
    This’s awesome

  16. Wendy Fai · ·

    Oh! Poor Hongki T^T But don’t worry,we always support you & FT Island! Fighting!! ^^
    And Thanks so much for sub & sharing! I really appreciated!:)

  17. hongkigirl · ·

    how can i watch it if its in private? 😦

  18. Lascanstria · ·

    cool.. thank you so much for the cut. ^^

  19. Dreams-Heaven · ·

    O: It’s a private video. Can you send it to me?=] Please!!!And thanks for subbing it (:

  20. thank u for sharing this video
    thank u…

  21. Kamsahamnida… ^_^

  22. Neha Vohra · ·

    Can you please send this video to me since its private? I really want to know what they’re saying since I’ve watched an unsubbed clip.

  23. please share video to me
    bcause this video cant download

  24. Sorry can’t share with you the video~
    But if you join Happy Island’s forum and get 20 posts, you can watch the video online!

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