[ENG] CNBlue – CN Bluetory E02 (100217) [720×576]



Winterxstar will update mediafire links soon ^^~ please be patient !





  1. waaaa……..TQ SO MUCH!!!
    really appreciate it…..

  2. pennylanechic · ·

    yey!! thank you so much for the subs!!

  3. minichoco · ·

    omagah, the size’s so big~ T_T
    hope u’ll upload this to MF
    thanks for the sub =)

  4. *:_:*
    Thank you guys for your hard work.
    I guess I’ll wait for MF links

  5. Fuuyuki · ·

    thanks a lot for subbing this series ^^”
    I’l wait for MF link :”>
    hwaiting BlueIsland xD

  6. thanx 4 sharing

  7. kim tae hun · ·

    why didn’t you upload any show to mediafire .

  8. thanks a lot, i like this show a lot!

  9. juuichi · ·

    please upload it, i’ll be waiting. Thanks so muchhh!!!!

  10. ledoquyen · ·

    I upload every show to mediafire ^^”
    it’s just that lately MF doesn’t work for me T.T
    now, which show do you want to be uploaded to MF ? ^^~

  11. kpopjjang · ·

    thanks a lot ^^

  12. Fuuyuki · ·

    Ah It’s ok, if it’s hard for you to upload to MF, then I’ll be ok with MU link ^^~
    Anyway thank you so much for subbing it ^^”

  13. thank you so much ^^
    keep the good work up =3

  14. thanks for spreading the love of CNBlue.. its an interesting band ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. thank you so much! ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. thanks

  17. Great job!
    I loaded it.

    Do you have ep1 and ep4? I hope you have~

    And~ Are you a Vietnamese? ( I’m Vietnamese) Your name is ledoquyen. It like a vietnamese name. ^^

  18. basmspasm · ·

    GOSH, thank you so much for subbing! ^^

  19. princess_noveen · ·

    omg… I like Jung Shin’s hair. It look very smooth and nourished.

  20. violinsweetie · ·

    thanks! but what happened to episode 1 and 4??

  21. Episode 1 and 4 can be found at our forum ^^
    Also, episode 5 is subbed as well!

  22. I really love your blog, thank you very much for sharing!!!

  23. thank you so much for sharing.. they are such a true musician.. i love them even more after watching this

  24. I’m sort of a “latecomer” fan of CNBLUE. It was only very recent that I’ve been following them and hounding all the videos I could find thru the net. I saw them perform once in MusicBank and sort of remembered the group. And after seeing all the sing and dance K-pop boy groups, I sort of got fed up and started looking for that talented group who sing and play their music instruments. I find them the most talented among the boy bands in Korea. They make their own music, too! Top that with good looks and amazing personalities, it’s like having to eat double chocolate mud cake with lots of cherries on top. Real talent to the max!!!

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