[ENG] C.N Blue – CNbluetory E03 (100303)

333Translated by limhee & Dreyshi
Edited by Dreyshi & Nulsaranghae
Subbed by Hailey
More information about F.B.I Subbing Team, please click [ HERE ]
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  1. Fuuyuki · ·

    Oh I’m the first one to comment here 0__0
    such a honor ;))
    Actually, I was a bit surprise when I saw this entry.and actually part2, I’m looking for this episode’s Eng sub :”>
    Really really thank you guys so much :”>
    And I’ll support your new Subbing Team, BlueIsland :”>
    Happy Island and BlueIsland Fighting!!! hehe

  2. pennylanechic · ·

    thank you so much for uploading the subbed full video~!

  3. wow ^^
    thanks so much
    i really love the subtitles you guys make =3

  4. Thank you so so so much for sharing this ;_;
    I will love the F.B.I Subbing Team forever and I want to support them too..but how?lol
    should I do some advertisment?
    oh gawd~
    I’m so happy right now T°T

  5. THnak so much for subbing this

    I hope you can continue subbing the other episode of Mnet CNBLUETORY


  6. Thank you guys for subbing this ep ^_^

    May I ask if you can upload the files to mediafire?
    I cann’t open megaupload in my country 😦

  7. ordinaryfan · ·

    u guys r the best… arigatou ^^

  8. Kaze@360kpop · ·

    Go FBI ^^
    Thanks u so much
    Thanks 4 ur hard work and subbing this

  9. thanx 4 subbing ^^

  10. thanks for the subs..^^

  11. thank you soo much!!! omg!! XDD

  12. Thank you FBI <33

  13. woooow thank you ❤

  14. why this video start from E03? where i can download E01?

  15. blablablove · ·

    Tis when MinHyuk teared up because of handsyncing issues. 😦 Same rumors are covering up FT Island.
    I hope they’d stop making those issues, and appreciate the bands’ effort.
    FT Island, CN Blue, fighting!

  16. minichoco · ·

    thank you so much for the sub <333

  17. bluetory, omo so happy to watch this, i love them!!!!thank you so much for the subs!!

  18. thank you so much! 😀

  19. thanks very much!!

  20. love them ^^
    tq fo sharing this

  21. thanx for uploading these videos but would you please upload them in mediafire,
    it’s the only site i have access for downloading
    megaupload and youtube are filtered in my country!!

  22. omo~! thank you for subbing.. i was waiting for this show to be subbed.. kekeke.. thank you again..

    ps. can you please re-upload it to mediafire? thanks~~~!!

  23. ♥Thanks for sharing♥

  24. yobirin · ·

    thank you very much =)

  25. thanks for subbing this..<3

  26. thank you so much. i really like this

  27. untinnu · ·

    new CN Blue fan here!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been searching for a site where I can download their stuff..and there’s English subs too!! THANK YOU!!!

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