[ENGSUB] Quiz Sixth Sense (080928) – Hongki KangIn Daesung Solbi

TRANSLATED BY 33rainynights, pandalette, Melisasasa, Xiaosi, cheerfuljwlt, magik
EDITED BY TwiceAndAgain
SUBBED BY Winterxstar & Hailey.
ENCODED BY 18succubus & JinAe




  1. pennylanechic · ·

    thank you so much for this!! ♥ OMG Kangin love with Daesung & Hongstar!

  2. thanks so much for this!!

  3. ryokolee · ·

    Thanks to all the working team..

    You gals have been working extremely hard…
    Besides your personal life, you still make an effort doing all this for the non Korean Primadonnas.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
    WE really appreciate it very much.. Besides, saying all these.. i don’t know what else i can tell you.. really…

    I always pray that the boys will have stronger bond throughout the whole journey and more lucks to them… Healthy & Safe at all times..

    And, the Primadonnas are keep growing in terms on monetary terms (so that we could support them) and also growing in number of fanbase in various countries…

    It’s hard to keep a fan for a long period of times (given that KPOP always have fresh and goodlooking boys debut each day) but i really hope Primadonna always remain faithful, tactful & passionate like you gals…

    Oops, suddenly wrote a long post.. Sorry to spam.. I’m just thankful and glad to know this website… Like 1 of the song that HongKi sang for about 1min “DaHaengEDa”..: )

  4. Aww, thank you, I love this show xD

  5. You guy are so hard-working, thank you =)
    And Thank ryokolee also ^^

  6. Thank you for subbing the whole show ^_^
    & [thumbs up] for ryokolee

  7. thank you soo much for d’hard working,,,

    ahhh,,, love them soo much.

    can’t wait to watch it..

  8. Kaze@360kpop · ·

    Thanks 4 sharing!
    Thanks 4 ur hard work
    Really love this show

  9. thanx 4 subbing this show
    hwaiting HI subbing team!

  10. Thanks for sharing ♥
    U guy are the best….Love U…♥

  11. thank you so much for subbing this! 😀

  12. zanyizzy · ·

    uhmm, i just figured out you guys had this other website, i’ve only been following you on youtube, but your account got suspended, can you tell me how to upload the videos from this site? i don’t know how 😦

  13. zanyizzy · ·

    oh! nevermind i figured out how to download, sorry for my stupidness X(
    one queastion though, sometimes certain videos don’t work, what player do i need to watch these?

  14. awesome people on this show
    thanks for subbing!

  15. @ zanyizzy – since this is your first time downloading here, I’m not sure if you know that the parts of split, and need to be joined together. you can download the program hjsplit to join the files together, and then you should have the whole video. hope that helps!

  16. wuaahh! thanks for sharing this 🙂 I also love Daesung 🙂 Hongki + Daesung = ❤

  17. Thanks a bunch!! =))

  18. beauty swan · ·

    thanks alot a7la blog^^
    can i ask u a little tiny thin?
    could u complete translating the full eps of Good Daddy? pleaseeeeeeee ^^”

    so sorry 4 my poor English>_>

  19. Thanks so much for subbing this. Kangin is so funny picking on Hongki, and I love the fact that they look sooooo much alike (when Kangin was thin kekeke).

  20. taking it, thank you 🙂

  21. Lascanstria · ·

    you have this subbed! ^^ yay thank you so much~~

  22. Thaks you for sharing with us!
    Now I take a time to look back all the sub HI has done. So powerful & awesome.
    Nothing to say but thaks you so much for working too hard !!!!

    Kang In & Hong Ki are nice couple, rite ^^ haha

  23. thank you so much for the subs! I’ve been looking for this 🙂

  24. thank you so much for your effort translating this show and thanks again for the Dae Dae dose.. XD

  25. Is there a way to watch this without downloading it? The youtube link doesn’t work.

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