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[ENG] Dream Team Season 2 EP20 (100307) – Hongki CUT [800×600]


[RAW] Strong Heart E23 (100323) – Hongki, Kara, SNSD [800×450]

just wanna say this so that you girls won’t be waiting ^^”… Happy Island is not gonna sub this episode of Strong Heart since Hongki didn’t reveal anything However, we may sub next week’s ep ^^~

[ENG] FT Island – Litmus Behind the scene (Spring 2010 Fashion – 100222)


[ENGSUB] FT Island – Thunder & Only One Person (HQ MV)

…as you all know, Happy Island usually doesn’t sub Music Videos … because as far as we know (or Hailey knows ^^”) … subtitles for MVs are just everywhere ^^~ But now we bring you this High Quality subbed MV , hope to kill your boring time and together we’ll get over those days without […]

[ENG] C.N Blue – CNbluetory E03 (100303)

Translated by limhee & Dreyshi Edited by Dreyshi & Nulsaranghae Subbed by Hailey More information about F.B.I Subbing Team, please click [ HERE ] Please help us promote this newly created subbing team ^^~ And, please take a look at F.B.I‘s channel

Youtube did it again … New Channel to be born !

urrrggg!!! woke up in the morning and what i first saw was … “Your account has been permantly disabled” What a nice way to begin a day !!! Anyways, it’s already magical enough that “ledoquyen90” last long for nearly 2 years with nearly 9.000 subscribers >”< … i think i can never get that number […]

[Trans] FT Island – Interview at kanpaak (Thai)

[ YOUTUBE ] Hi girls ! it’s been a long time since i actually wrote something on this blog … miss me much ?! About one month ago (?) XD … i received this email from “pado”, a friend ,a new friend actually ^^ and a Primadonna . She/He sent me the translation of FT […]

[ENGSUB] Quiz Sixth Sense (080928) – Hongki KangIn Daesung Solbi

TRANSLATED BY 33rainynights, pandalette, Melisasasa, Xiaosi, cheerfuljwlt, magik EDITED BY TwiceAndAgain SUBBED BY Winterxstar & Hailey. ENCODED BY 18succubus & JinAe

[ENGSUB] Maknae Rebellion EP.6 (091212) – Seunghyun [800×600]

TRANSLATED BY Summerdream, Xiaosi, ihearteunteuk, Shancq EDITED BY Summerdream SUBBED BY Winterxstar & Hailey. i reuploaded this file because many said that there was no audio … i wonder what was that about it plays just fine on my comp. Anyways, download this new -reuploaded- file and tell me if it works for you, ok […]

[ENGSUB] FT Island at Japan – Interview (100204)

TRANSLATED BY caealwaysloveyou EDITED BY Jaimi Sun SUBBED BY Hailey.