[ENGSUB] Radio Star (100127) – Hongki, Yonghwa, 2AM [800×450]

TRANSLATED BY Jaimi Sun, yuko, 79kriss91
this show was translated by our translators in just 1 day ^^~ …So, please understand for any misinterpretation that they’d made , i mean … if there’s any ^^~

DOWNLOAD (800×450)

Download links removed and deleted because of hotlinkers.



  1. seulmichan · ·

    thanx 4 subbing
    already watch it on your girls utube
    anyway great job girls

  2. i was wondering if anyone was going to sub this!
    you guys are awesome!!~

  3. jaemin2202 · ·

    Thank you so much for your hard work. Watched this on youtube….love it!!! Hongki’s anaconda imitation…LoL~~

  4. I am looking forward to watch this show, and I am very glad of the subbed version, thanks very much for sharing!

  5. dindasnow · ·

    waah… thank you so much for subbing this show ^_^

  6. Y’all are awesome.

  7. wow…thanks for this!

  8. thank you so much for subbing this and it’s fast too. the subbing team is awesome.

  9. freefalling · ·

    you guys are great, thanks!

  10. thanks so much!

  11. thanks a lot..!!

  12. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  13. thanks loads for all your hard work and efforts! hwaiting!! =D

  14. Translators and subber, I love you, really!!
    You are just crazily awsome!
    Thanks so much!!

  15. thnx for the sub..
    love u guys!!!

  16. Thanks alot for the subs..
    Please continue as we hope more people could acknowledge & recognise FT Island… Thank you once again..: )

    The song that HongKi sang, was beautiful..
    HongKi’s vocal was loved..
    And i like how he responded when asked about the original singer..: )

  17. Eng sub of the ep at 450 at that too! THANK YOU!

  18. Big thanks for translating and sharing!
    I really enjoy watching it and laugh so many times and specially the “mimic” part! XD

  19. thanks 4 the sub^^
    u’re the best<3

  20. Thank you! Four great awesome voices on once show! I enjoyed all their performances and couldn’t help notice that Yonghwa really likes singing in English.

  21. Thanks for share! I really love the voice of Hongki^^


  22. thanks a lot!!!!

  23. thank you!

  24. Thanks so muchies!!!!!

    Anyone know where i could find the episode previous to this one subbed? Coz the episode previous to this had HongKi, Yong Hwa and the 2AM boys too…

  25. Thank you very much.
    You’re rock 🙂

  26. HongkiComel88 · ·

    thanx a lot for share and subs..i love Hongki personal talent..!!!So Cute…!!!

    To JJ..
    you can find it at time2subs..

  27. wow, this is way to cool.
    thanks for subbing this ^^

  28. nsyaffeeey · ·

    Hello,thanks for subbing and everything!
    I was wondering whether i could link u in my blog.
    Will that be okay?

  29. ledoquyen · ·

    yes ^^~ please do and feel free to do that =D
    link away !!! XDXD

  30. sersinish · ·

    thanks again for subbing..u guys really great~

  31. thank you!!

  32. thank u for subbing…

  33. My friend said I need to watch this. Thanks for subbing this!

  34. wow! thanks a lot!

  35. Thanks u so much
    Hong Ki sings very very well.love hom much

  36. ahh i took this one.. poor yonghwa.. lol
    tysm for subbing~ ^^

  37. Thanks a lot for subbing and sharing it.. Do you guys sub the first part of the show on 20/01/2010???

  38. Kaze@360kpop · ·

    Is there any download link for ”Black Glassas” only?
    I really love this part

  39. thank you 😀

  40. malditangjen · ·

    thanks for sharing 😀

  41. Thanks a lot 4 sharing !!!

  42. I can’t play them? What type player I have to use to play them?

  43. hongstar · ·

    “I can’t play them? What type player I have to use to play them?”
    ..yeah me too.. 😦

  44. Lascanstria · ·

    waah I’ve been waiting to watch this one. thank you so much for subbing ^^

  45. schokoChoco · ·

    thank you!!

  46. thx for sharing this
    i see it in vietsub (that i can’t understand)
    it’s really great that have eng sub

    thx thx

  47. Erm. I could not watch the part 2 . Can you confirm if the video can be seen?

  48. Oh.. you mean you can’t watch it on Youtube right? xD
    Ehrm, well you can’t really watch it anymore because the Youtube account we uploaded the video to was suspended :/
    Sorry about that!

  49. Could someone re-upload it??
    I really appreciate it… =3
    Thank you beforehand…

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