CN BLue – Im A Loner + Interview (SBS Inkigayo 100117) [1920×1088]

here it is … debut stage of CN Blue love struck
well, everything could be perfect for a debut stage already ^^~ it’s just that … i wish they let more members talk in the interview sad i have the feeling that CN Blue will be all about …Yonghwa ?!
Let’s hope that i’m wrong big grin(hey ! let the maknae talks !! XDXD)


[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD “I’M A LONER” (1920×1088)




  1. I’m kinda off agree with you…
    Thanks to the SBS Drama “You’re Beautiful” whereby YongHwa got all the heaps…

    Anyhow, i’ve watched their debut stage especially SBS Inkigayo.. the cameraman did a great job as he did not focus solely on YongHwa but the rest of the members too…

    Anyway, i hope no comparison between 2 groups being made anymore.. you know what i mean.. I just don’t like this feeling..: (

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! Can’t wait to watch their debut stage!

  3. Agree with you! It would be a pity if they focus only on Yonghwa, even if he’s very cute..

    Thanks for share^^

  4. hi..remember me? just wanna ask do u have the complete list of FT Island’s song for the concert tour?

  5. Thank you so much XD
    I want more Lovely boy huhu, lovely Hyukie =)

  6. thank you for sharing these. i really like their song.

  7. ledoquyen · ·

    @ryokolee : agree with ya ^^~
    the camera man did a great job! i just got that feeling becoz in the interview, they pay attention to no one but Yonghwa …kinda dont like that =[
    oh and, about comparing 2 groups ! that’s really stupid ! and i even see some CN blue’s fans bashing FT island for nothing T.T
    and creating wars wont help Cn blue at all…duh~ most of FT Island’s fans are now CNB supporters!
    anyways, i also hope it stops soon! ..

  8. yeah, they shouldn’t keep focusing on yonghwa only! actually, i’m sick of seeing him. lol! =X they should promote the rest of the members too since it’s a group and not only yonghwa alone! lol! =X

  9. can u make the file smaller??1920 its too big for me…

  10. THANKS for this HD debut stage!
    gonna give a try to this new band :]

  11. thank you so much for uploading this! =D

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