[ENGSUB] Maknae Rebellion Ep.4 (091128) – Seunghyun

TRANSLATED BY Xiaosi , ihearteunteuk , Grace
i spent almost a whole month to sub this show T.T (due to my busy schedule tongue) and i really like the font styles batting eyelashes hope you like them too ^.^~



(The rest of EP.04 are all uploaded on ledoquyen90 Channel.)


  1. ainareduzan · ·

    nice work..keep it up..cant wait for u to subbing more ft island stuff..hope u also can upload gayos deajun..tq

  2. yay (: hahas. i knew u were gna post this post soon (: im taking this ~~

  3. thanks loads for your efforts! yep the font syles are awesome! thanks for all the hard work! hwaiting and happy new year!

  4. hey, i really appreciate you subbing these videos! you’re aweeeesome hahha! thank you sooo much!!

  5. seulmichan · ·

    omona!!! i didnt expect u girls gonna subbing this show
    but i really apreaciated it
    thanx a lot HI Subbing team
    love it so much

  6. thank you so much for this!

  7. thank you for sharing and subbing. 🙂

  8. priscilla · ·

    thank you for the subs ! 😀

  9. yeh really luv it.thank for the sub.

  10. Thank you very much for the subs.. U did a great job.. i hope there is more to come…

  11. thank you for the subs…dong ho is soo cute ^^

  12. thanx for ur sub..
    i already watch episode 5..and now i will previous back to episode 4..hehehe..if u can see episode 5..dun u think seunghyun look like KARA Gyuri after crossdressing..hahaha..very look a like..

  13. I like this program
    and I love your sharing

  14. i’ve been downloading and watching the raw vids of this show since it has aired and it’s super duper funny even though i don’t understand most of what they’re saying.. wahahaha..

    will download this when i get home!
    thanks a bunch for subbing! :):)

  15. i watched the second part first XD
    now to watch the first part <33
    thanks for subbbing!!

  16. thank you! 😀

  17. I was looking for it on SHINee fansites like mad and here I found it totally accidentaly XD Thank you soooo much! ❤

  18. thanks a lot, gals 🙂

    I hope you can sub more Makbanshi in the future
    Thank youuuu ~ ❤

  20. Yeah, finally I can download this amazing episode with Shinee. Thanks you sooo much. Thanks for subbing!!^^ *happy*

  21. kurayami · ·

    You guys are amazing! thank you so much for subbing this!!

  22. Natalya16 · ·

    Thank you very much!!!

  23. omg thank you for this very much.
    just wondering, will you be subbing this but ep3?

  24. Hi, I just watched this episode & very curious if you have the next too ~ can’t wait to see SHINEE win or not. Appreciate that you could advise back & thks for subbing the work!

  25. omg! thanks!

  26. thank you very much for subbing and sharing^^

  27. blablablove · ·

    wow! nice work! they just subbed taemin’s part in shinee forums, so i was waiting for someone to sub the full show. thanks so much!

  28. THANK you so much for subbing!

  29. thank you so much, i really want to watch this^^

  30. DaReALPRiMADoNnA · ·

    Aww Seunghyun is too cute! Thanks for subbing! I’ve been wanting to see this 😀

  31. thanks so much 🙂
    u are really good XD

  32. thank you so much for this

  33. thanks so much for sharing~
    really appreciate it~~

  34. I Love it~
    Thanks for sharing:)

  35. thanks for sharing and the subs..i really want to know what happen to their final battle..could u upload it please??i can;t find it anywhere except here..thanks again..

  36. i hope you’ll be able to sub all the episodes :*:*:*:* thank u very very much

  37. lemonique07 · ·

    Thank you so much for subbing and sharing this!! ^_^

  38. DongHo may be the maknae among the maknae, but I think his wit can level that of a sunbae. =D

  39. PLEASE PLEASE SUB THE OTHER EPS ! i cant seem to download it anywhere with eng subs D:

    But thank u so much for ep 3 and 4 😀

  40. thank you very much for subbing this show! love your translation :3

  41. thanks^^
    seunghyun rocks this show!!xp

  42. Thx 4 d subs =)


    thank you a trillion much!

  44. taking this, hope you don’t mind, just want to thank you so much for sharing this and for all your hard work in subbing this, thank you so much!!!! ❤

  45. coffelatte · ·

    thank you for sharing this file n for your hard work subbing this. hope you’ll sharing n subbing other file ^^

  46. thanks so much!! (:

  47. hi, just watched ur video and I think you did really great by subbing this one,, i got totally LOL watching the whole show =D

    i was wondering whether you guys will do subbing the next eps too since it seems so funny,, i’m waiting for you guys,,

    by the way, good job!!! \(^o^)/

  48. pillowsh · ·

    thank u so muchhhhh 4 subbing this!! but i hope u can upload it on hotfile too.. huhuhuhu

  49. gh0st_gurl · ·

    thank you so much for subbing this!!

  50. Lascanstria · ·

    wow wow wow. thank you so much for all the hard work you put in subbing the episode. thank you so much. I really really appreciate. I really love the show. and also the font, I saw the caps, love them! they’re colourful! thank you so much for subbing ^^

  51. do you have another links? the .002 avi and the rest is not working except. .001.. thanks.. i appreciate your effort really.

  52. Thanks! Is this the full show? *gasp* seriously awesome! I’m taking this. :3 ♥

  53. Aww. i loved this epi! so funny!!! will u also subs the epis 11 and 12?? ^^ tks!! ^^

  54. thank you so much for subbing and sharing it here.

  55. anonymous · ·

    i downloaded all the subs but how do i watch it?

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