Seunghyun & Jonghun – Style Wave Ep.1 (091217) [800×600]

love Seunghyun’s hair style right here !!!! XDXD
oh and hee hee…that stylish seems to be really interested in Jonghun hee hee



  1. thanks ~~ im taking this :DD

  2. uglybatty · ·

    I’m wondering if you still have your old blog? The death blog, something.. can I please get the link? I want to download some old performances you uploaded a long time ago.

  3. Here comes SeungHyun again =D
    thank you for sharing ^__^

  4. Thank you 🙂

  5. thank you very much XD
    SH is so cute that time :”>. Im crazy abt him on Idol Maknae rebellion show XD

  6. is this on youtube?

  7. Thank you so much
    both of them are my fav in FT.
    That’s is really good.
    i’m taking them.
    THANK YOU ^^

  8. TheFTiLOVE · ·

    is this on youtube??

  9. Thanks for subbing and sharing.^^

  10. blablablove · ·

    Who wouldnt be! Haha. Thanks for subbing. I’m taking this :]

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