[ENGSUB] Manwon Haengbook EP.190 (Hongki vs Shinyoung) [070915]

333Brought To You By Happy Island Subbing Team
TIMED BY Winterxstar
sorry for the long wait ~ we only managed to finish this ep after getting more free time since You’re beautiful has ended ~ love struck(that was a horrible schedule subbing that drama, i’m telling you) . We’ll soon release other subbed shows, so please wait patiently for them winking


(The rest of EP.15 are all uploaded on Sweetleaderhunie Channel.)


  1. TheFTiLOVE · ·

    Thanks! Hehehe remember me??
    From youtube. I rewuested for this and then is a few mins you uploaded it. Ahahha.
    Thanks! ^^

  2. TheFTiLOVE · ·

    in a few mins*
    Lol, sorry typos! really sleepy.. d:

  3. yay!! thanks… <33

  4. thank you~

  5. thank you so much for subbing this program.
    This is the cutest (repeat 1000 times) show of Hongki. I have only seen the not-so-clear quality version of this program and have been looking around for a better image quality. Oh~ Thank you so much!

  6. thank you sooo much for subbing this… one of my fav program ever.

  7. Thank you so much.

    I haven’t watched any eps of this program but I will.

    I know subbing sometimes makes you tired. I’ss wait for the next release.

    I hope you can sub the “every idol show”, I like it but I dont understand what they said >”<

  8. whoelse_i · ·

    Thanks for the subs.. 🙂

  9. priscilla · ·

    thank you ! 😀 you guys really do a great job ^^

  10. basmspasm · ·

    Yay thanks! i was waiting for the 2nd half ^^
    appreciate your hardwork!!

  11. seulmichan · ·

    another great work
    thanx 4 subbing

  12. Thank you sooo much!!!^^

  13. thank you so much!

  14. thanks loads thanks loads!totally understand how YB was a terrible scdeduling experience..lol..can’t wait for more releases! magnae rebellion maybe? XD

  15. ah thank youu!
    i’ve been using my guessing gift and now the sub is out. kekekeke so happy.
    the ending of the drama is good in a way.. but still want to see more of the cute jeremy anyway. 😛

  16. thanks a lot for subbing,
    really love Hongiya from this show
    so cute ~

  17. thanks & thanks for uploading these.

  18. woohoo part 2!! thank you so much 🙂

  19. haha. i thought u just quit on this.
    appreciate ur effort so much!
    err,is there park shin hye here too? haha.
    anyways,im downloading it ;D

  20. taking this one~
    thank you very much for the subs!

  21. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Ah!Shinhye and Hongki *0*

    Thanks for your sharing

  22. thanks a lot ^^

  23. Aww, thank you for sharing^^

  24. pitopazano · ·

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting so many FT Island videos! ❤

  25. thank youuu 😀

  26. thanx for continue subbing and sharing..
    really appreaciate it..

  27. you guys are an awesome subbing squad!
    thanks a lot for all the videos and subs <33

  28. animelover222 · ·

    thank you so much for this! :]

  29. great work, thanks a lot for sharing!!!

  30. Kaze@360kpop · ·

    Thanks for ur hard work
    I wonder which ep Hong Ki met Big Bang^^


  31. Lascanstria · ·

    waaah.. thank you so much for subbing the continuation~ ^^

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