[ENGSUB] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep16 (091125)

Brought To You By Happy Island Subbing Team
SUBBED BY Hailey. (Thanks to 360kpop SubTeam)
well … we all know this will come but …  broken heart Last episode !
Thanks to Winterxstar , Cometsanfan, Jownie and Tangkaiyang that Happy Island was able to finish this drama in such a short period . I’m so proud of my subbing team big hug
Say goodbye to all of you here … but we’ll see you in our new project winking
Thanks for all the supports all this while ! Love ya ~ love struck

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (640×352) [ MEDIAFIRE01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE02 ]


[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (800×450) [ MEDIAFIRE01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE02 ]


(Rapidshare Mirror by lyptika)


(The rest of EP.16 are all uploaded on Pyrite5ive Channel.)


  1. purplebee · ·

    yessss….i’m so excited
    thanks thanks thanks….love u!


  3. aww..so fast that it has to finish.
    this drama has been great watching.
    thanks for all your hard work subbing.
    and thanks for sharing to us. =]

  4. seulmichan · ·

    gonna miss A.N.JELL
    thanx 4 subbing Happy Team
    u girls really nice..
    look forward to your other projects in d future

  5. whoaa!!!
    my first ever early post here @finale Minami-shinaeyo~!
    BIG2 congratulations to Happy Island for finishing subbing this beautiful drama..U guys awesome!! standing ovation from us~ ^^

  6. thank you so much for the hardwork guys..
    finally the final episode is uploaded!!
    so sad the ending is soooo soon T.T

  7. thank you so much for your sub, Happy Island. it’s really nice of you for uploading it

    It’s pretty sad to see this drama comes to an end, it’s been very nice to watch this drama

    Thanks for your hard work

  8. aww..i’m kinda sad that the drama ended.. i’m gonna miss this drama.. 😦

    thank you for subbing.. i’m looking forward on your future projects..

  9. waa. so fast. thanks so much for sharing this.

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
    The effort that you and ur team put up in this project is so much. I will not miss You are Beautiful even if it ends. Why? Becoz I have your videos, complete with subs to watch again & again. I give you guys credit on behalf of all the non Korean-speaking fans of YAB.
    C u on your future projects.

  11. finally … the last ep.
    thanks all for ur excellent work.

  12. Jetzy 타락천사 · ·

    need 450p version thanks ❤

  13. CONGRATS HAPPY ISLAND! with the successful subbing of all 16 episodes of You’re Beautiful..

  14. Inflected05 · ·

    Thanks so much!! x) It ended 😦 I need more A.N. JELL!!

  15. thanks for the sub…
    so sad it already end.. 😦
    will miss them so…

  16. thank you so much! 🙂
    I’m going to miss this show and the cast ;__;

  17. thank you soo much
    you reallu were a good , fast subbing team
    you managed to finish thi drama early and only one week later ,, that’s awesome <33333333

    your team is WOOW .. i loved watching ths drama with your subs ❤

    i'm a big FAN of you <33

    keep working hard ^o^


    gonna miss this drama SOOOO much DXX

    thanks loads for your hardwork! really appreciate it !! =D

  19. Thanks for all your dedication and hardwork these 8 weeks! im so sad it’s over 😦

  20. thank you for all your hard work and for providing such awesome subs so quickly! fighting for future projects!

  21. omo..finally last eps…i dun wan it to be end..
    Thanks for ur hard work for subbing this drama whole time..really appreciated so much
    will miss them a lot…
    Hwaiting on ur future projects.
    Kamsamda =)

  22. reen_chan · ·

    waa~~ already the final..so sad..gonna miss them much..thnx 4 ur hardwork..reaaallyy awesome! (^_^)

  23. luvpublicenenmy · ·

    finally it’s end..I love this drama so much I can’t put it in words..<3<3
    Thank you so much for everyone involved in this subbing projects..^^
    keep on going guys!!!
    love you all~

  24. basmspasm · ·


  25. Thank you so much for all your hard work 🙂

  26. omona! you are really fast!!!
    thank you for your team’s jjang work!
    thank you so much for providing the subs for this drama <33
    looking forward for your next project!! 🙂

  27. aigoo..the last episode!!!
    my weds and thurs are so empty w/o itttt =[

  28. Thank u soooooooooooo much .. though I’m a little sad cause it’s the end of this beautiful drama……..

  29. I like the snow effect^^

  30. thanks alot happy island you re realy the best.we all will miss this drama.waiting for your next project.and this snowy effect… wow you re beautiful!

  31. Thank you so much!
    its sad that it ended, i felt like weeks went by faster when i waited for new eps for this =P

  32. thank you^_^♥♥~~!!
    tears dwelling already,
    it’s always a heartbreak when dramas end…

  33. you’re beautiful was really beautiful :p
    im gonna miss them soooo mucH TT.TT

    thnx happy island u r the best

  34. by the way i like the snow

  35. Thank you so much!!! You guys rock. Any pictures or video from FT Island last concert? Was Lee Hongki included? Take care everyone!!

  36. so happy and sad at the same time lols

  37. so sad…..it’s already end 😦
    anyway…tq so much for the sub video
    gonna miss a.n.jell so much after this

  38. finished already??
    im gonna miss it s0o much….
    n thanks to ur happy island team for subbing this drama till the end….
    absolutely looking forward for ur next project….
    well,i like the snow too~

  39. I really want to thank to all the people in the tem for the hard work and quick response. You did a great job for all the fans that don’t understand korean.
    Keep the good spirit!:)

  40. last episode…so sad…
    thanks for sharing this….

  41. hello! thanks for this! is it possible for me to get a copy of the soft subs? i already downloaded the raw file and my internet is so slow to download a big file again 😦 i hope you can help me 🙂 thanks!!


    thanks alot for all of your hardworks in subbing this series. I’ve been following so far… YOU’re THE BEST!!!!

  43. Thanks for sharing!

  44. thank you so much, Happy Island team!!
    BTW I like this snowy theme, christmas is coming ^_^

  45. last ep T_T no more jeremy
    thank you so much you guys for subbing this very acurately and superfast too

  46. thank u all for the subs! thanks for completing this series! and yeah, even though it’s ended, really craving for more hahaha. best 2009 drama hahaha

  47. yuNhobellA · ·

    i’m sad cause its opver already….thanks for your hard work!!!!otsukaresama!!!!

  48. thank you so much for ur effort and hardwork

    mediafire seems to hate me T_T

    really hope you can reupload in megaupload

    thanks in advance

  49. hye.. thanx for uploading this last ep.
    its was easy for me to use mediafire
    this is a good drama..^_^
    thanx for your effort

  50. can’t believe it’s over T_T
    thank you so much for subbing this great drama!

  51. thanks for subbing this drama!!

  52. Thanks so much for this, i’d prefer the 450p version for this episode and ep 3 & 8 tho.

  53. thank u so much for uploading in mediafire

  54. thank you so much Hailey n Happy Island Subbing Team. Great job! love the subs!

  55. stephanie gee · ·

    hi there!
    i’m from anjell international forum..
    we thank you for supporting You’re Beautiful and subbing them up..
    is it okey if i ask your group to affiliate with us?
    we are thinking of gathering all the anjell fans…

    here is our forum:


  56. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks you for your sharing

  57. thank you so much you guys …

  58. thank you sooooo much for subbing and sharing!you guys are awesome!^^

  59. thank you soo much for providing the subs for this drama. ^^

  60. ellow…thanx for sharing this for us…=))
    i want to ask…anyone know what is the best download manager to be used?
    recently i used megamanager but it seems that most of the file i dwnload using the manager will turn out corrupt or error…
    so i think i should change my dwnload manager…
    anyone suggest pls???

  61. aaargh i really want to dl this series, the problem is that i have no more space in my laptop xDDD
    i’ll start dl-ing this once i have my extrenal hard drive…
    thanks in advanced!

  62. thanks… i heard about u’re beautiful uncut version… for jeremy and shin woo scene… that true??

  63. to jannah… u can using idm… internet download manager…. i use idm to download video….

  64. thanks a lot for all your hardwork!!!!!!

  65. thank you for your hard work guys i really appreciated the subs well done 😉 i didn’t enjoy my self with a kdrama like this for a while thank youuuuu
    bu the way “””””happy new year”””””

  66. hi..tq a lot
    but why i didnt got a complete ep if downloaded with mediafire without the last part

  67. jjang_haibara · ·

    thanks for happy island for subbing thisbeautiful drama~ i’m gonna miss hongki~

  68. complete downloading all episode till ep16…
    tq very much for all of u for the hardworking and want to share it with us…
    happy new year!!!
    thanx a lot for MF links…u help a lot…=)))

  69. hi there.. thanks for your sub
    just wondering, will u sub the unreleased version as well?
    really hope u guys can do it!!
    thanks very much!!!

  70. ledoquyen · ·

    what do you mean unreleased version ?
    i didnt have time to update news these days ….=P
    how could i find unreleased version to sub when it’s unreleased ?? O_o

  71. Jetzy 타락천사 · ·

    oo ledoquyen ure online. do u have epi3&8 for 450p version? =/

  72. the unreleased version.. i mean the remaining 4 episodes abt you’re beautiful’s behind the scenes
    the official bts from the cd
    saw some of it on youtube but i dont understand anything since im not korean..
    can u consider subbing it, please..?
    thanks a lot!!

  73. thank you 4 all works dat u do
    love ur site <3333

  74. ledoquyen · ·

    oh … we would love to sub those 4 eps ^^
    unfortunately , we dont have the dvd …. atleast i dont =P….
    we’ll try to find the raw file but … it wont be easy ..so i cant promise anything now ^^”

  75. Christy~ · ·

    Will Subbing for the ipod format still COntinue?

  76. Hi! I am wondering if you guys hardsubbed this. If so, can you post the links up? thank you soo much

  77. kim ti ya · ·

    i love this drama
    how B.U.T

  78. chel_navel · ·

    hi.. back for this!! 🙂 thank you so much for subbing and sharing! nice island you got here… 🙂

  79. onebelle · ·

    thanks for the subs. I LOVE YA!

  80. I was wondering which version is better 640×352 or 800×450… what is the difference..

  81. ledoquyen · ·

    800×450 or 640×352 is the resolution of the video
    “800×450” vid is encoded with ‘H264’ codec so the quality should be better ^^ …….. well, actually it’s better with bigger solution already =D
    if you can download larger file … i recommend ‘800×450’ version ^^~

  82. geraldine prado · ·

    ”saranghaeyo ihanmadi cham johun mal”this song really affect me jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! continue making good songs!saraghaeyo a..jell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. makosalvador · ·

    Can you provide me all the name of the fonts used in subbing all the Episodes of You’re Beautiful…

    I Really appreciated your work!!! More Power!

  84. Well, the default font we used is Qlassik.. and then I don’t know the rest.

  85. makosalvador · ·

    does anyone know all of them? BTW, Thanks for giving Qlassik!

  86. LOVE JANG GEUN SUK Oppa! ♥

  87. Thank you for all these epsiodes ^^, <3333 it's been a real help~!! ❤

  88. thank for subbing. Nice Drama,

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