[MV] Super Junior-M – Super Girl [Korean Version] [HD+HQ]


Not sure if there’re any SuJu fans here. But since I saw it available for download, thought I’d share with you all ^^

Sorry about the screencaps. I did them one by one cos I really can’t get a screencapping software T_T

Actually I must confess I’m a HD freak. Before becoming a recent KPop convert, I was a total Taiwanese drama/idol fangirl.
But you’re beautiful made me GAGA over HongKi (Jeremy~), so anyway I love the HD Korean Video files so I love keeping these HD files.

So… whatever I share here will most likely be HD cos I am a total HD freak now hehehes.

Okay enough about me. Sorry I’m longwinded like that -.-




*Uploaded by icetears-@HappyIsland ^^


  1. Thanks for sharing ur HD vids. Hwaiting 4 more.

  2. reen_chan · ·

    thnx a lot!! really lovee SuJu.. (^_^)

  3. LOVE SUJU !! ^O^
    Thanks for this, but if u can share HQ, it’s great too ! =]

  4. thank alot for d’share..

  5. cool

  6. Thanks a mil! (Also, I love the HD. You are the only person I know of that has this high of quality.)

  7. thanks alot

  8. Thank you so much for sharing HD!

  9. I’d like to request for the HQ vid please 🙂

  10. Thank u very much! I also love the HD videos.. and Suju!! ^^b

  11. 1024X576 version please?

  12. I’m sorry it was my mistake I didn’t realize the link wasn’t included T_T It’s fixed now 😀

  13. thnxs

  14. constelrilke · ·

    YES!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  15. weeeeeee~!! thank youuu

  16. weee~! thank you!

  17. wow! thanks a lot for the HD vid.

  18. thx so much. i was having so much trouble finding one that would be the right format. hope it works

  19. Thanks for sharing. I love HQ video too. The gesture and expression looks very clearly.

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