[MV] G-Dragon – About A Boy (GOM 1080i)

I didn’t see the MV in this blog, so thought I’d share with you all, especially since I’ve been fangirling over G-Dragon recently hehehes XD

Kind of don’t get the MV, but… GD’s still good to look at 😛

&&& don’t mind the screencaps. I still don’t have the software so I had to do screencap them individually -.-


*Uploaded by icetears-@HappyIsland ^^


  1. thank you so much, I love the way this MV is made !
    In love with GD too ❤

  2. Finally a MV, although i’ve read bad comment about this MV in popseoul, xD

  3. Yoo-Chun_taung · ·

    G-Dragon sucks
    He’s a copy-cat. It is an obvious matter and still he claims for originality !
    YG entertainment fucking sucks !!!
    also 2NE1 two big fat ass ugly sluts !!

  4. i’m not a fan of gdragon, but i really like this song and the video.
    btw, i tried to find this song b4, but i can’t find it as “about a boy” it was simply named “a boy” :S

  5. I’m his big fan anyway. He’s doing good. MY GD.

  6. Nande!; Sorry cos I don’t understand Korean except for very few random words, but the title of that track can be translated to “Boy”, “A Boy” & “About A Boy”, as far as I’ve seen on the web >< Do you need the mp3 track?

  7. ipechangminho · ·

    wah thx so much ^^

  8. thank u i like gd so much

  9. Thank you so much I like G-dragon

  10. Thank you

    Good MV

  11. Thank you so much for sharing HD!

  12. love gd thank u so much for uploading in mediafire

  13. whoaa thannnksss so mucchh
    i didnt know gd have a new mc
    thankksss happy island~~

  14. malditangjen · ·

    thanks for this ^^

  15. G-dragon is hot I’m mad at him because he is dating a girl from 2NE1 her name was sandara something like that well I don’t care because I’m his #1 in history !!!!!! 😀

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