[Drama] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep16 (091126) [352P&450P]

Sorry no screencaps from this episode cos I follow WITHS2 releases :X& I don’t wanna spoil myself, so this photo is to act as a filler until maybe Hailey will replace it with caps from this episode later on! Plus I really love this photo hehehes ^^

&&& I’m sorry this came so late >< My uploading system has been having big problems ><

So… I learnt not to be greedy by mass uploading, & doing it file by file so it’s taking me some time, but at least the files are up! I’ll try to get 352p versions up by tonight! (GMT +8) 352P VERSION IS UP! 😀

For now, enjoy! We’re all going to miss Jeremy, TaeKyung, ShinWoo, & JOLIEEEEEEEEE~ ):

DOWNLOAD (640X352)

DOWNLOAD (800×450)


    yes i am so gonna miss YB forever.
    The ending is awesome, YB hwaiting 🙂

  2. thank youuu~
    Jeremy’s so cute !!

  3. Thank you ^^

    takhyung is so cute HiHi

  4. Thank you for providing the subbed version. I am having withdrawal symptoms. I miss YAB, ANGELL, HTY, GMN, Jeremy,Shinwoo, and Jolie. I hope that there is a season 2. I will be waiting for your subbed episodes 15 & 16. That is the only way that I am able to view the episodes in my IPOD. Later.

  5. thanks

  6. thanks so much for the upload! i am so gonna miss anjell! im really hoping they’d perform live once at a music show like Music Bank/Inkigayo/Music Core etc…the ending was a little disappointing for me (i guess i’ve spoiled myself too much) so i hope that there’s a special episode 🙂
    waiting for the D-CUT!

  7. will you guys be uploading the 2 remaining episodes on your youtube channel Pyrite5ive? coz that’s where i download the episodes to put on my iPod. there are others who have subbed them but i trust your subbing team more. 🙂

  8. so you’re not gonna miss Minam? hehe.
    thanks for uploading the episodes. <333

  9. tq…huhu =)

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