[ENGSUB] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep14 (091119)

Brought To You By Happy Island Subbing Team
EDITED BY Jownie & Hailey.
SUBBED BY Hailey. (Thanks to 360kpop SubTeam)
here it comes the episode with Hongki on the bus XD love struck

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (640×352) [ MEDIAFIRE01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE02 ]


[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (800×450) [ MEDIAFIRE01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE02 ]


(Rapidshare Mirror by lyptika)


(The rest of EP.14 are all uploaded on Pyrite5ive Channel.)


  1. thanks HI team!!

  2. WOW!! I finished download ep 13 at the morning..
    and now.. you post ep 14?!

  3. i just finished watch ep.13..
    thanks again for the sub for this ep.
    really thanks to HI Team.. ^___^

  4. Thanks a lot happy island team 🙂

    Btw, my cousin told me that there is other sub for minami shineyo, but I prefer Happy Island’s sub because it’s really good and nice to watch ^_^

  5. THANKS! Hongki’s a natural actor. Im so impressed with his crying scene!

  6. seulmichan · ·

    omo.. just finished dwnld ep 13..
    now gonna dwnld ep 14
    thanx happy island subbing team..
    u girls so sweet ^ ^

  7. yatta…..epsd 14!!!!!!
    tq tq tq


  9. hi hi
    the mf links are not mf links xD

  10. Thank you! ^-^

  11. this is the saddest ep…………. )): so sad to watch hongki like that!!

  12. the 4th part is not mf link
    can you pls check it again?

    and thnks so much for subbing and uploading all the episodes

  13. thank you so much gor tha hard work!

    [ MEDIAFIRE04 ] <— this part redirects us to this page https://ledoquyen.wordpress.com/2009/11/25/engsub-you’re-beautiful-–-a-n-jell-ep14-091119/a

  14. i even haven’t finished downloading ep 13 yet, and the 14 is out! wow! you’re so fast! thank you so much for your hard work! ^^

  15. thankss so mucch omygoddd >_<
    jeremyy <333

  16. yuNhobellA · ·

    i hate when HongKi cried…it breaks my heart to pieces…huhu

  17. thank u so much for uploading in mediafire i like your blog

  18. omg you guys are so fast, thank you so much! (: i just downloaded and watched episode 13 earlier today, and imagine what a pleasant surprise it was to see episode 14 up! (: and especially since my hongki-bias was eagerly anticipating this episode; thank you guys so much <33

  19. OMG!!
    2 episodes in 2 days, that’s so fast!!
    I hope i’ll be able do dl/watch it tonight since i’m ill TT (watching a drama being ill is all shame, my friends cried on the 13 and i just watched it.. i laughed.. idgi XD)
    but i thank you in advance ^^ ♥

  20. thank you ! 🙂

  21. thanks for being so super fast!

  22. reen_chan · ·

    thnx again 4 da sub..yayy!!

  23. ledoquyen · ·

    @Sasu: that’s a funny one …LOL!
    maybe i should try watching this again when i’m sick …=]]
    oops! tu as un blog sympathique ^^
    et ..keke.. ton père est adorable <3~ il a vraiment chanté FT island's chansons ??! XD
    oufs XD mon francais est mauvais, n'est-ce pas ? ^^~

  24. @ledoquyen:
    I think when you already watched it crying or being sad, an other time being sick could be less tragic lol :p
    Ahh, du français~ ! 🙂
    Oui, il adore FTI! ^^
    OH!! Tu te trompes, ton français est très bon! 😀 ♥
    Enchantée~ :p

  25. Kylie22005 · ·

    ! Awesome another episode I ge to watch thanks to y’all! Thank you for uploading! ^_^

  26. oooh! *_*
    Thank you so much! I’m been waiting for these two episodes to come out!! It’s such a pity I have to study now y.y can’t watch them… I’ll save them for this weekend lol THANK YOU!♥

  27. thankyou for subbing. so sad.
    T^T jeremy~…it seems like minam has
    broken the hearts of all the angels.

  28. xoxoilovetop · ·

    when i download these videos, can i put them on my ipod?

  29. thank you..xD
    can’t wait to see the last 2 final episodes. ^^

  30. thank you
    dling it later…thanks for subbing & sharing
    luv u guys

  31. I love Jeremy so cute and adorable..
    time to time i got hook with him..
    thanx to u guys for subbing this drama..
    i really2 appreciate that..
    hongki really good act as a jeremy here..
    when i saw jeremy i juz can ignore others..sorry babe..

  32. Hey, thanks for the efforts to sub this drama. I’m downloading ep 14 right now. You guys rock my socks! 🙂

  33. Het! It’s really fun.
    Thank for upload every ep, you,re beautiful.
    ^ ^

  34. thanks for subbing n the links too~

  35. thank you soooooo much!!

  36. geeidontcare · ·

    thank you so much for all your efforts! i wouldn’t know where else to get subs like this. thanks!

  37. thanks for the sub 🙂


  39. thank you so much

  40. thank you!!! ^^

  41. hey sorry but im a bit noob on this. how do i join up everything? what software do i use?

  42. oh thanks for subbing by the way !!! i absolutely love this show 🙂

  43. thank you for sharing this…

  44. kimchikimi · ·

    thank you!

  45. thanks for the subbing. ep14 Hongki’s bus scene is the best! so touching…each time I watch that scene, my tears drop as Jeremy is singing and crying.

  46. expiredTofu · ·

    thanks guys!

  47. thanks a lot ^^*

  48. plz up conti ukiss mv from u-kiss. tnx

  49. Will you guys be subbing Magnae Rebellion?

  50. Jetzy 타락천사 · ·

    when is the version 450 of this episode coming out?

  51. thanks a lot for the subs, gals!! 🙂

  52. thanks a lot.. i cried with hong ki..

  53. how do i combine the files?

  54. i’m taking this also…tq =)

  55. thank you ..i love you ..

    you combine all the files by using a software name HJSplit

  56. Thank you so much for subbing and sharing in HD!

  57. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  58. as jjang as always
    thank you for sharing!!

  59. thankssss^^

  60. thanks so much ❤

  61. thanks=)

  62. thankyou~ 🙂

  63. thanks so much!

    this is the the first site i’ve found with videos uploaded to MF
    the other ones can’t do parallel downloads and after each video theres a time out..


  64. chel_navel · ·

    kyaaaa!! me again… im totally loving this drama… sad that i am almost finished with it… 😦 anyhow love that mark of yours on the video.. is that jeremy?? :)thank you for subbing and sharing!

  65. thank you
    …i love you…

  66. Thank you

  67. lizputs · ·

    I love HongKi’s acting esp. in this episode.


  68. ~Heart~ · ·

    When is mp4 format come out.?? Plz let me know soon. Thank you so much

  69. Hello 🙂 Is it me or the mediafire files are invalid/deleted?

  70. رائعين و انا من الجزائر نموت في فرقة A.N.JELL

  71. hmmm your songs is awsum n your acting iz kOoL keep it up …all the best

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