[ENGSUB] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep13 (091118)

EDITED BY Jownie & Hailey.
( i’m not hating Shinhye for the pic above but …big grin
and well yeah ~ after watching ep.13 & 14 ~ i have the feeling that Minam is the only star/moon or whatever actually … she’s too shine (or too stupid) to see anything eles around her … duh ~ she’s the one who can’t see things properly !!!
and Taekyung , well bassically …he always thinks about himself …
Well yeah ~ big grin you can call me Shinwoo or Jeremy biased tongue is it bad to watch but don’t like main couple ??? T.T

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (640×352) [ MEDIAFIRE01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE02 ]


[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (800×450) [ MEDIAFIRE01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE02 ]


(Rapidshare Mirror by lyptika)

(The rest of EP.13 are all uploaded on Pyrite5ive Channel.)



  1. thanks for subs!
    keke…you’re Jeremy biased 😀

  2. waaa…..tq so much for epsd 13!!
    thinking there’s 2 more epsd left…..i’m sad
    going to miss a.n.jell

  3. First ? 8D
    sankyuu~ so much for subbing !!
    I’ll see this in 352 but wait for 450 ! ;D
    I’m agree with u.. Minam & Taekyung are so much.. I’m Shinwoo & Jeremy biased XD

  4. thank you for this.
    i’ll wait for the 450p but i can’t wait to say that i’m totally agree with you. 😀
    i mean jeremy and shinwoo deserve better! but not with minam anyway, she’s too .. yeah, like that.
    so it means that the main couple deserves each other. 😛

  5. no media fire ? )): i cant download from megaupload…………

  6. sry i didnt see the caps >.< hahas will come back for mediafire ~~ ^^ THANKS

  7. yay.. ep.13 is out..
    thanks for the sub..
    i’ll wait for the MF link..^__^

  8. LOL thanks for the subs. it’s ok we are standing on the same side. what if jeremy falls in love with the real minam XD

  9. i have watched ep 13 & 14 they were awsome

    i’m so exited to watch them again in high quality
    >> waiting 4 MF


  10. ledoquyen · ·

    @sipei: well, as a fan and thinking that Jeremy would be actually owned by shinhye… my answer is … I will kill her ?! =]] LOL~
    but well ^^ as a fan again …it’s ok as long as he’s happy ^^~

  11. seulmichan · ·

    me 2.. i prefer minam with shiwoo
    but korean drama always ending with their main couple live happily ever after
    anyway.. thanx 4 subbing another ep ^ ^

  12. I like Jeremy 🙂
    Thanks for uploading

  13. thanks for the mf links 🙂
    cant wait for ep 14! xD

  14. Thanks! ^-^

  15. took MU weee~
    thanks so much!

  16. wow…this is soooo fast!!
    thanks very much~
    well,im jeremy n shinwoo biased too!!
    taking the mediafire links~
    thanks again…

  17. thank youuu!
    ahh, always because of the jet lag between you and me, i always see when you’re uploading when i go to sleep.. then i have to wait a whole day of uni, hearing people gossiping about it (because they watch on viikii D8)… what a relief to download iiit now!! ♥ XD
    thanks again ^^

  18. Kylie22005 · ·

    sweet new ep to watch ^o^! Thank you to the subbers and to who uploaded!

  19. thank you so much.

  20. thank you ^^
    hhmm.. i didnt see that cap in episode 13.. so i didnt see that scene, am i right?

  21. ledoquyen · ·

    @Uta : well..you didn’t see because it wasn’t there ^^
    it could be in ep.15 or not, ep.16 ~
    i found it in their official site. Quite a cute place with many back-stage pictures ^^~

  22. AHHH thanks thanks thanks for the sub!! <33

  23. thanks thanks thanks…i thought you’re not gonna do sub this anymore ^_^

  24. hoyea! thank you so much!
    this episode make me cry with SW!
    wat else to say..me too! on SW & Jeremy’s side! ^^

  25. hehe! you’re not the only one, dear!

  26. thanks so much for the subs!
    there’s nothing wrong with being shinwoo/ jeremy biased cause i am too. xD

  27. thank you so much! 😀

  28. thank you soooo much for the subs ^^

  29. thank you for your nice sub 🙂

    yes, minam is stupid indeed, she’s so lucky

  30. THANKS 😀 Hahaha! Im shinwoo and jeremy biased too 😉

  31. thank u so much for uploading in mediafire

  32. as always, thanks!!!

  33. wah that shadow scene is so heartbreaking
    thank you so much for sharing and subbing

  34. I feel sorry for Jeremy when he ate that spaghetti LoL..vinegar?yeah…tae kyung really2 hate hee yi so much LoL

    thanks for subbing this 😉

  35. thanks again
    really appreciated so much ^^

  36. Jetzy 타락천사 · ·

    ledoquyen please let me know if theres 450p version ^^
    much appreciate

  37. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Look! They’re happy ^^

    Thanks for your sharing

  38. thank you so much

  39. Thank you so much for sharing and especially the 450p!
    2 more episodes to go >.<
    JEREMY ^^

  40. thanks so much

  41. lol. somehow i think shinwoo in this drama is like jihoo sunbae in BOF. so don’t worry of not being main couple biased. haha. i still have difficulty in choosing my favourite couple. i love to see all 3 couples. hihihi.
    oh i almost forgot!Thank you for the subs!

  42. Thank you very much. i really appreciated your hardwork to make sure that we can watch the episode.

    i’m just finish downloading ep 13.

  43. thanks

  44. thank you so much!! <333

  45. tq soooooooo much =)

  46. no no it’s ok if you don’t like the main actor….because i do so!xp
    i do like JACOB BLACK better than EDWARD CULLEN!^^
    btw thanks for sharing~

  47. thanks thanks thanksss ❤

  48. thank you very much =)

  49. thank you!!! will this be available as an mp4 for my ipod?

  50. chel_navel · ·

    pardon my barging in here to grab these.. i love the drama… and the first sub that i downloaded gave me a nosebleed from their translations.. yours is way better.. grabbing it.. thank you!

  51. is episode 13-16 going to be available for ipod mp4 ?
    i really want it cause i have up to episode 12 D;

  52. I think so too. If she was just a little bit more observant, she wouldn’t have hurted Shin Woo and Jeremy that much.
    And also I dont believe that there is a person could make all 3 of them fall in love in real life.
    I think it would be better if Jeremy stand out of this circle 😛 It just a little fruistrating to see both Jeremy and Shinwoo suffering like that T_T

    Just my opinion, but it would still be my favorite drama, besides My Girl anyway. Thank a bunch for uploading this ^^

  53. onebelle · ·


  54. when are the ipod formats gonna be up?! pweeez & thanks (:

  55. lizputs · ·

    (sigh) poor shinwoo…

    Thanks for subbing! =D

  56. ~Heart~ · ·

    When are you gonna upload the mp4 formats?? Plz and thanks =)

  57. imonis · ·

    Jeremy… he’s so cute n funny… great acting…

  58. HELP! i can’t download the eps from 13-16. how do you guys do it? i can’t upload it to my itunes.

  59. HELLO! Thank you sooo much! I found this site on answers.yahoo.com. I bought a dvd set but the subtitles are HORRIBLE! I only have 4 eps left to watch. Thank you thank you!! 🙂

  60. how to play a file extension of 001? i can’t view what i’ve downloaded. but thanks for sharing btw.

  61. You have to join all the downloaded parts together using the program HJSplit in order to watch .avi video.

  62. luv u an_jell

  63. TANK YOU

  64. Thank uuuuuu so much

  65. hi iav tired downloading the links you given but when i download it when i try to open it, it doesnt work??

  66. hello, do u have an IPOD version for episode 13

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