Daily Archives: November 13, 2009

[450p] Music Bank 2009-10-30 (Full show CUT)

sorry for taking so long ^.^”…i actually uploaded this long ago but couldn’t find time to share it here ^^~ … enjoy ~ ( FT Triple’s perf can be found in FT Triple’s category)

[Drama] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep12 (091112)

first, i can’t help but lmao at Minam’s fireworks. hahahaha! lolll! so cute!! And the minute i heard Shinwoo singing…. ohh good lawd. XD (Uploaded by iKay@TheDeath)

[Drama] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep11 (091111)

i love every moment of Hongki here. haha.