SUBBED BY Winterxstar

EPISODE 7, ~ download to your iPod now. 🙂
* lol, can’t talk much because im pretty busy. hahaha. keep the comments coming. i’m reading them up and will reply to them as soon as i can. 🙂

(– Ikay here. ^^ –)

sorry for not putting up a photo too. 😀

You’re Beautiful ENG SUBBED – .MP4 | 320 x 240

iPod Tips: Too small? Go to your iPod> Videos> Settings and check if the “Fit To Screen” is set to YES. if not, better select YES and it will give you a better view of your video. ^_^ Enjoy!



  1. hi! thank you for posting iPod format links of You’re Beautiful! 😀 You’re really greaaaaaat!

    Will you be posting the succeeding episodes as well in ipod format? Thanks again! 🙂

  2. yes. i will be posting the succeeding episodes as soon as im done. 🙂

  3. hiii. i’m really grateful that you’ve been doing all this wonderful work creating ipod formatted your beautiful drama episodes. but i was wondering if instead of parts, you can upload the episode whole-ly w/out parts. Because my ipod is getting busy with the video section and i have a hard time trying to find the next part after the next part. like i have to wait every time to see the title itself and check if it’s the right one. sorry, if this may be sort of too much for you, you don’t have to do it! i already appreciate you doing everything! 🙂
    oh weelll! thank youu!

  4. hi. i’m actually planning on doing that as soon as im free with my other works. but as for now that’s the only way i can help. 🙂

    you can always rename your video files anyway. like YBEP1.1 , YBEP1.2 or something so that you don’t need to wait for the wholte title to flash on the screen. or while you’re on iTunes, you can arrange your files accordingly, or maybe you can even make a playlist of it.

    Anyhow, thank you for your suggestion and i’ve been hearing it from people too. but like i said, i will as soon as im free. 🙂 enjoy!

  5. wee!! thanks for this 🙂 this has one of my favourite parts in!! Now I get to watch this anywhere everywhere!

    I so can’t wait for ep 13~~ Ep 12 was truly epic!!

  6. thanks so much! 🙂
    i love this i can read it on my email!
    you’re so amazing for doing this! i really really appreciate it!
    when will the next ones be coming out? 😀 thanks!
    im lookin forward to uploading 9 and 11 on my ipod, those are my favorite (:

  7. Thanks so much!

  8. thanksss

  9. Thanks so much!

  10. part 7 isn’t really working. it only keeps refreshing the page but it won’t download.

  11. luschka_monroe · ·

    thank you so much for the YAB episodes and also some wonderful performances and mv! yaaaah!!! hope you’ll continue uploading the rest of the YAB episodes!!! can’t get enough of this drama!!! ^_________^

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