[ENGSUB] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep10 (091105)

Special Thanks 360kpop Subbing Team.
First, you saw it right ^^~ We have just got a new translator love struck But because her laptop isn’t in the right condition … she can just help with one episode sad Hope she will be back soon ~
Second, there’s a problem about copyrights that i want you to know ^^~ please check it out at the end of the post.
Third, don’t Go Mi Nam and Shin Woo look good together ? XDXD





(Rapidshare Mirrors by lyptika)

(The rest of EP.9 are all uploaded on Pyrite5ive Channel.)


i received a message from … probably, a fan of “You’re Beautiful” about copyrights problem. I know it’s not so nice of me to bring your personal message here . But i don’t want to reply back to you for just saying i won’t do it …
(So, tell me if you want to get your message down)

First, i know i’m violating SBS’s copyright… The videos are always theirs, however, the subs copyright belongs to us. And i’m actually dealing with it, think about my channel could be suspended any time because of copyright violating.

Second, i don’t make them have any damage from uploading/subbing this drama. On contract, we subbing team, by this way or that, are sharing the love of this drama for all the fans who are not able to watch it on TV, or wait for one, maybe two years for it to be broacasted in their nation.
And i even know that international fans do buy “OST album” which is totally not causing them any damage.

3rd, we are not the only subbing team/person (or whatever) uploading this drama (raw or subbed) … and you can’t stop them all …
even if you can, think about it when no one even mind uploading/subbing/sharing this drama …
that would be a disaster for everyone.

4th, actually …. thank you for sending me the message ^.^ it’s kinda interesting somehow to get a message that is not asking when will the sub comes out big grin Don’t worry ^^ it doesn’t let me down at all happy

For all who’re taking your time reading this ^.^ thank you !
And i also want to know what do you think about this … After all,
this is about me, you and the subbing team big grin


  1. I support you! thanks for your hard work subbing! =)

  2. Keru-Chan · ·

    Thank you for your hard work!!!

    About the copyright thing… I did bought the OST through legal channels (even if I got it first by making Downloads in the net) and I am planning on buying the DVD when is out… That is how much I love this drama, without your team or team like yours (subbing) what international fans will do. I know the person who send the message is concerned but… what will we do without all the subbers out there!

    Again thank you for your hard work!

  3. You both make great arguments. I don’t know what to think of this situation.
    But, thanks for the subs anyway.

  4. Well….copyrights…

    Damage? What sort of damage? People like me who lives in the dorm without a TV. You guys are bringing us such important entertainment. Seriously, to all subbers and uploaders out there, you guys are really amazing. I’m an uploader too so I know exactly how hard the work is. We put our time and effort in this and it’s kinda sad to say but we get nothing in return except for ‘thank you’s’ from people who even care to comment. But even with just that, we’re happy. So what’s wrong with that? I don’t see how this could inflict any loss or damage to any party. As what you’ve pointed out, OST. Yes, as a student I couldn’t afford to buy the DVDs yet but still I do buy the OSTs from Yesasia. And I’ve read that the it’s selling good. Talking about broadcasting in other countries. Man, I just hate those dubbed versions. The voices just make me so sick.

    Anyway, what I really want to say is, there’s nothing seriously wrong in doing this. Even if you’re not doing it, there’s always someone else. Good things should be shared. If all these subbing and sharing activities had never been started, I wonder if anyone would really notice the existence of Korean dramas at all. No offense, just imho. And if they’re really suffering from so much of losses over the years, do you think they’ll still be producing these zero-profit dramas for charity purpose? What a funny person….

    Well…thanks for all your hard work! 😀 😀

  5. yuNhobellA · ·

    girl, you are just sharing…yeah admit there’s a copyright violation…but what will people like me do without girls like you…i’m just glad you’re not going to stop because of that message….btw, the message senders is kinda a responsible person but she’s a korean….she’ll never know what it’s like to be an international fans…psss,,,i keep refreshing this page just in case there will be new episodes….see how desperate i am LOL XD
    HONGKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!<333333333333333 lastly again thanks for your hardwork….

  6. Well, thanks to your subs it has made me love the drama and the OST more. So it seems to me that you are doing more good than harm to SBS. I already ordered my OST of this drama, and I definitely plan on buying it when the official DVD is released.

    Thanks for working hard on the subs.


    if anything your helping the drama!! without ur subs, i wouldn’t know the greatness that is you’re beautiful, and then people can buy the OST or whatever on their own

  8. haha… love your reply! thanks as always for continuing subbing this great series! ^o^

  9. Whoooah, I’ve just finished watching Episode 9 and then you’ve already uploaded the 10th episode! I love youuuu!
    And don’t bother about violating copyrights!

  10. thnkyou for ur hardwork~!!

  11. seulmichan · ·

    first of all.. thanx 4 continuing subbing dis drama
    u totally right about the time for my country to broadcasting dis drama
    i wouldnt not worry to watch drama from kbs coz i hav kbsw channel on my tv channel
    but i dont hav sbs channel
    dats why i really appreciate when u girls subbing dis drama
    anyway really love dis drama
    keep a good work girls ^ ^

  12. hi.. i just wanna say…
    thanks a lot to the subbing team and all your hardwork are really appreciated….

    i think they team are actually helping to promote the video as well… and all the other artist… to international fans…. it got me interested in “shin woo” which let me to discover his band CN Blue and their music…. 🙂

    i’m a foreigner, i dun understand korean, these drama are not broadcasted here as well… or maybe they will after 1 or 2 years later, maybe with sub or maybe without subs…..

    i think the fans/people who had spend thier own time to sub these are doinga great job! thier hard work is really appreciated! i they they made lotsa international fans happier too.. 😛

    again, thanks for all these hard work!!!

  13. thanks so much for subbing this drama.. i really really appreciate your hardwork. ^^

  14. Just one message for her/him..Please try to understand us (the International fans)..We need the subbing teams..We need someone who can uploading/subbing/sharing for us..Since we can’t watch all this things live from TV..And even some of us don’t know how to speak/understand Korean..Yes,,it’ll be ‘DISASTER’ if no one willing to sharing all this with us (fans)..Anyway,,thanks for the subs team..Really2 appreciated it..Keep up your great work.. 🙂

  15. Copyright issue…haha…this one really make me laugh..well, one thing led to another…

    1st, it is known that usually drama depends solely on ratings in Korea, the higher would go up that would mean that the drama is in good condition…and hey, uploading this won’t effect the drama at all as it won’t count in the ratings..and another thing, people have to wait for another 1 or 2 years before they can watch this drama in their country…where’s the fun in that if people already commenting about the drama and also already knows what would happen next…

    2nd, well…now we watch what the subbing team have made so far and LISTEN carefully as i won’t repeat this again…even this drama will be air in countries far behind the actual time it being aired, though people already seen it with our dear subbing team already upload it…i can assure that fans would love the watch the drama again, same as me, though i downloaded all the drama before but when it aired in my country i’ll watch it again 😀

    and also, i know that kid is a fan and all he/she cared about is the rating in Korea, dun worry lor..the drama is going well in Korea..unless people in Korea also download the same thing and watch it on PC which would probably drop the ratings 😀

  16. thanks for the subs!
    i was lke keep refreshing your page waiitng for thsi..kekeke,
    about the copyright, we all know about it.
    but,to wait for it to be broadcast at our country (mine is malaysia) it will never happen! we dont have sbs right here.& tthis drama will be broadcast at malaysia after 2-3 years later.ANYWAY, your subbing team ARE THE BEST ❤

  17. thank u very much.i hope u can continued subbing this..i really need u..hehe..love this drama…

  18. Thanks for SUBBING ❤
    I personally think that you guys are doing the best thing out there for people like me who don't understand korean and want to have nice serving of k-drama 🙂
    I don't even think there is any damage done anyways, I mean come on there's way more other subbing sites out there and its not like you guys are reproducing this to be sold. But I do understand the whole copyright issue. People who download these dramas are usually students who can't really afford to buy the entire DVD collection but i know most of my friends bought the OST instead. Its a win-win situation.

  19. rukiaichigo · ·

    yeah, i know about the copyright. but like other said, to wait for the official drama to be broadcasting or out for DVD, it is like ages… so, i prefered to download it forst, before buy the original one…

    anyway, thank you so much for sharing and for the hardworking!!

  20. priscilla · ·

    thanks for the sub ! ^^
    Yeah, I will support you all the way ! Really, I doubt this show would show anytime soon in Sg.. And you guys are doing a great job subbing for those who share the common interest of Kpop, or FT Island ! ^^ Thanks again ! 🙂

  21. babiiphannie · ·

    thank you again. & just ignore that person that sent u that message. seriously, since that person is from korea there is no need for (s)he to send such an ignorant msg to u. if she is actaully a fan of YB then she should be supporting u for subbing the drama so that ALL fans of YB can watch/understand.
    thanks again

    because of people subbing the Drama..
    the DRAMA is getting more and more fans.
    which in my opinion is not damaging the show at all! please upload 450p thanks!<3

  23. i understand about the copyright.
    but if a korean drama got broadcasted in our country after a few years, it will be dubbed in mandarin and will be cut here and there to make time for the advertisement.
    it will be a disaster for a fan of korean drama like me.
    thank you for subbing and sharing. i won’t be picky about 450 anymore….

  24. thank so much for the subbed YB ^_^
    Me agree too just like esha said…..to wait this drama broadcast at my country…..will take longer time!!i think this is a good way to promote this drama across the world…right ^__^
    anyway thanks again…huhuhu really want to know what happen in epsd 11 this night ~_~

  25. ah i can see how the copyright thing is bad..
    but i believe subbing teams like you (we love you guys!) are actually allowing the drama to become more popular. i’m definitely buying the dvd when it comes out!
    no matter what you choose, we support you! thank you x 100000 for subbing and sharing!

  26. I will always support you ^^ I love ur subbing team!! and btw loll thank you so much for this episode^^ *happy happy*

  27. thanks a bunch for subbing this drama 🙂

    dont let this message make you down coz this issue is an old problem (when someone made a fanssub for boys before flower)

  28. that gal is stupid~!! & i support u~ dont care about her~!!

  29. WOW. Very interesting. I wonder if she sent that message to everyone who subs for all the fans sake.

    Thanks for subbing and sharing. I don’t see how subbing can violate. It’s not like you guys are declaring it as your own. Weird.

  30. kame_lovelove · ·

    thanks so much for subbing & keep up the good work for me its not wrong for us to spreading the love of YB to everyone XD

  31. first of all, thanks for the subbing for this drama, it has been great for me ^^

    regarding the copyright thingy, well of course it violates, but must understand from us international fans, who don’t have access to this drama (and cannot understand Korea). People who live in Korea might take it for granted, but for us who live outside, this uploading and subbing is like manna from heaven. to wait for drama airing in our country is very long and sometimes not at all.

    at the end of the day, if I really like the drama, I always ended up buy the whole DVD when it’s out with the english subs for colletion, so no damage ^^

    keep up the hard work ^^ and thank u so much

  32. thanks for subbing this eps so quickly!! i deeply appreciate it!

    abt the copyright issue..allow me to express my thoughts abt it as a whole and not only concerning this drama..imo .. i have faith that primas worldwide would support FT in anyway they can and however much possible righteously..like my personal self..i would be eagerly awaiting for uploads of new releases be it albums mvs concert DVDs dramas whatever and i would guilt free download and share with friends with the intention of spreading the FT love as far and wide as possible… and with that, at the first soonest opportunity i can, i will buy the original of whatever i can afford and can obtain. The way i see it, i am supporting FT nonetheless and not damaging them as it’s just a matter of sooner or later that i get their original merchandise.

    so, in short i think it’s ok to upload these here things ..

    as for the subbing..IT’S THE BEST AND MOST GIVING THING ANY FAN CAN DO .. the painstaking process of subbing if NO JOKE.. i really appreaciate the subbing team..think abt it..with no subbing team, non korean/etc language fans have NO MEANS of understanding..and without the team sharing the dramas and all..with oni relying on the official channels, let me ask, just HOW many ppl can have access to those channels?it’s not like some worldwide general channel after all…think abt it this way, imagine with this habit and practise of sharing..how many tons of ppl get exposed to the fandom and how large the fanbase and recognition grows with this…it’s immense!

    not everyone has immediate access to the “right” sources, and not everyone has the immediate means to purchase original, it’s a case of sooner or later the way i see it for a true fan.

    In conclusion, keep the sharing coming! yes it clashes with copyright issues which is no no .. but think of the positive sides where the recognition and exposure this practise gives..it’s kinda a way of publicity and reaching out to greater lengths?

    *if my credibility as a proper supporting prima is ever in doubt, just head on to me blog..the proof’s there..(still MAJOR ESTATIC from receiving my livehouse and my first dream DVD..of all member cards to get, i get my TWO FAVOURITES JINNIE GOAT AND BINNNIEEEE!!! XD)

    thanks for allowing my two cents’ worth =)

  33. omg i just realised what a long “2 cents worth” i typed up … sorry abt tat xD

  34. First I just wanted to say thanks to all that have been working hard in supplying us with subtitles of the drama. I just wanna tell people about my frustration if this site is terminated. I would be devastated. This is because where I come from we have to wait forever until the copy of the drama reaches our shores. Therefore I really appreciate what you guys have been doing. FYI, I do subscribed to satellite channels but, in my hometown the satellite channels provider only provides us with KBS world. Thus, we have no choice but to seek elsewhere for our thirst for Korean drama series. Site like this helps us to support original when it comes out. This goes out to those who talk about copyright and trying to shut down this site, ‘WE (us the down-loaders) BUY THE ORIGINAL WHEN IT COMES OUT. That how KOREAN Wave is spreading to the rest of the world, it is because site like this that care enough to share with us, THE OUTSIDERS’.

  35. Thanks for sharing/subbing the episodes
    About the copyright,I do agree with you.
    If I’ve to wait for them to come to my nations,it maybe take after a year.or maybe 2-3 yrs.I do support by buying the original OST 😀 (maybe nxt week i’ll get the copy.yay \(^_^)/)
    Thanks for your h/works.I do appreciate you
    Thanks again…gambare!! (>_<)

  36. Hey!!! u didn’t do anything wrong but good thing.
    Think about the fans who have not any chances to buy a copyright set.

    Myself… even I did download your work(just can’t wait too long), I’ll absolutely buy the copyright whenever it’s out for the collection.

    By the way, THANKS A Lot for ur hard-work.

  37. Inflected05 · ·

    Hey, thanks for all the hard work! I’m always looking forward to your subs 🙂

    And about copyrighting, I agree that there’s no damage from sharing this drama with everyone, instead, you’re helping to spread the love! People like me who can’t understand korean and will never be able to watch this show on tv (I don’t think my country will ever be so cool to show it)are so superrrrr grateful for the subs!

    Please continue subbing! Your work is greatly appreciated 😀

  38. I support you fully. I mean this isn’t something that is new on the internet and it’s not like the ratings are dropping because the videos being uploaded in fact I think ratings increase sometimes because the videos are uploaded. People can watch the videos and then love the movie. then they can watch it on tv if and when it is broadcasted. I don’t see any damage done here at all.

    also, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the subbed videos I love this drama!

  39. thank you so much for this!

    copyrights can be a huge problem.however, certain countries not only take years to get the drama playing on national screens, most of the time they don’t show at all. so i’m really thankful to subbers who put in so much time and effort to help fans out there who have trouble gaining access to their idol’s dramas/ shows/ interviews.

    thanks once again! =D

  40. supporting ur hard work. haha yay for the international fans xD good thing u’re not fazed by this at all. FIGHTING!!!~*

  41. thank you so much for this!
    You guys worked hard for this, I really appreciate it. 🙂

  42. Asha Mizuki · ·

    juz keep on subbing we all love ur works

  43. You guys are amazing for subbing so I think the best way to deal with this copyright thing is to have a disclaimer at your channel/in the videos that the rights of the video belongs to SBS. As long as you don’t claim the rights, I don’t see what the problem is. 🙂

    Also, I think the person who messaged you is just worried about the ratings. He/She probably feels that this would affect the show’s ratings since people watch it online instead of on TV (for those who can, that is).

  44. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    There are many fans around the world waiting to watch their series and they only can download from internet.We will support them by other ways too.

    We’ll support you. Fighting!
    Thanks for work hard and share us.

  45. Thank u sooooooooooo much and we all support u and really appreciate ur efforts .. and this dude is SELFISH … What harm are u doing except bringing them more fans from all over the world which SBS is not doing for the actors in the drama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  46. sigh, that fan just dont understand, fansub like this are like free advertising, free promotion to all over the world.
    sbs wont release YB dvd in near time soon anyway,

    anyway, thank you for ep 10! wohooo

  47. is that picture caps from ep 11?
    yes,they look good together 🙂
    thanks to ledoquyen, cometsan fan and hailey 🙂

  48. Thanks for subbing this! Love the subbing team 🙂 Your reply was pretty good, without you guys, im sure YB would lose lotsa international fans. Thanks again 🙂

  49. Wow, lucky meee for finding this page somehow! Like any new technology, protecting copyright is both a good and bad thing. But I think sharing and uploading eps/music/whatever is a good thing, especially for publicity. Spread the Hallyu fever! Haha, I know that’s how I got hooked on to it like 5 years ago….the widespread availability (and sharing the experience with other fellow fanatics) just makes my addiction become even deeper, hehe

  50. PS! Thanks for the subs on a high-quality video, AWESOMENESS x 1000!!!

  51. ahh subbing/sharing always been a problem haha..
    imo it’s better supporting the drama like this than the way i do everyday by buying dvds in chinese/malay shops where i’m sure no money will go to the staff/actors lol..
    subbing team are from fans to fans, so it’s cool 🙂

    thank you for the hard job ♥

  52. I understand what this person said however we aren’t that happy as this person to live in Korea.
    For example here in POland where I live Korean drama have never been in TV or cinema. then it mean that I can’t have opportunity to watch it??
    Drama is one part od my life like tv for other or computer.
    I want to support actors etc.. then I bought oryginal OST YB and plan maybe to buy other stuffs from this drama.

  53. cutegiurl · ·

    please do not stop subbing this drama….your group is the fastest in releasing hardsubbed videos for this drama…and i am always downloading it from here…i am really grateful to all of your efforts so please don’t stop

  54. thanks for subbing and uploading. 🙂
    i watched this ep in viikii after i downloaded the ep9 from you, and i can’t wait for today’s episode!!!
    the drama is getting more and more interesting. XD
    and, well, i don’t really know about the copyright thing
    but a friend of a friend got caugth selling fanarts by someone (who said he was) from the company who own the copyright and was ordered a fine of $250! OMG!
    so i suggest you check very carefully, just to make sure, yeah. 🙂

  55. thank you for subbing the drama..
    i really appreciated it that much..
    about the copyright.. well, yeah, there realli is, but its just that you’re helping us to understand clearly the series..without the subns i will not any idea on what’s going on in the drama..
    that person who message you just don’t understand us..well of course she understand the drama without the subs but what about us who doesnt understand korean..

    anyway, thank you so much!! hope you continue subbing!!
    and i really support FT Island and this drama. i’m planning to buy dvd of this show when it comes out. ^^

  56. Thanks a million for upload subbing videoes!
    Without your sub,i’ll have to wait for such a long more time.

    I’m pretty sure that all fan will support this drama,no matter what but only just now that all oversea fan long to see this drama with sub.

    ledoquyen shii and your subbing team Hwaiting!
    You’re rock!

  57. thank you for subbing and sharing the drama i cant buy it because there is no transport to my country so really appreciate ur hard works thanks

  58. thanks for subbing the videos! if not for the team, those who can’t understand korean, can’t understand the show at all. well, that person should really appreciate people who sub korean videos.. and even if it’s violating copyrights, at least fans will buy the DVDs if they like it..

  59. wow!! thanks for sharing.
    agree with you, but not only violation you guys also make sbs become more and more well known!!
    I really appreciate with all of your work guys!!
    I don’t think u must stop your work!!
    you guys alredy do this way long!! and we really love to watch and enjoy this drama bcause you guys sub it!!
    I can’t imagine how do I know this drama if you guys don’t sub it!!
    keep fighting guyss!!
    love your work!!

  60. im really glad a lot of people have shown great appreciation and response towards Happy Island sub team.

    indeed, that fan who wrote that would never be able to appreciate the importance of fan subs to us international fans who want to get to better know Korean Entertainment.
    copyrights problems have been going on since forever; i dont see why this drama should be pinpoint for having fan subs, which is free advertisement and promotion for the drama internationally.

    please know that we support Happy Island Fan Sub just like the many other fan sub groups out there 🙂

  61. i don’t understand how this is supposed to cause any damage.

    if the fan’s talking about ratings, it’s not as if if the subbed videos are not shared the ratings would go up. i believe koreans do not need english subbed videos, so subbed videos aren’t going to affect their ratings.

    or maybe the fan means the ratings would not be good in other countries who haven’t but will broadcast the show? but by then whether the drama will continue to be a 16 episode drama or extended to 20 episodes would already have been decided.

    other than ratings, i don’t understand how anything is going to do any damage. by uploading videos to share, we are in away giving the drama more publicity and free ones somemore. in addition, this will help boost the actors’ popularity. no? what damage is there?

    lastly, i still wanna say i love you guys ^^

  62. This girl is right but she don´t know how hard is to be an international fan I´m from mexico and I know that I would never see this drama on my tv LOL soo… people like you makes my day !!

  63. I found hard to explain my opinion cause my bad english hehehe….
    I understand that this fans worried that this drama being “violated” or because ppl upload it so they will not watch it from SBS but prefer to D/L it (so it make rating got low or something else)

    but I guess she should understand about how difficult for overseas fans to watch this drama. people like us who have to wait this drama airing in our own country maybe about 4-5 months after drama ends. so that’s why subbing team who upload this drama and who so kind also translate the drama – is absolutely a big help for overseas fans.

    and about their cd ost, don’t worry … we all buy it (original ones of course) and if the DVD come out – we will also buy it cause we love it ^0^

    in the end..I SUPPORT this project (sub and upload the drama ^0^)
    thank you so much for your hard work ^^

  64. u go girl!!! i luv u…luv ur page~ ❤ ^_^

  65. thanks for subbing so quickly! 😀 this totally made my day 😀 ep 9 left me on a painful cliffhanger and i was preparing myself for a long wait for ep 10, but voila! its out! you guys are totally awesome, and i really love you all for spending so much time and effort subbing (:

    and about the copyright issue, sure, in a way, it is violating SBS copyright, but like you said, the subs are yours and yours alone, and are your effort from translating every line, timing, encoding etc. but if you want to start pinpointing at the violation of copyright, the internet is abundant with it. true, it is a violation, but i think in a way its hard for korean fans to understand from the side of international fans like us, because they can just watch it on TV every week and are able to understand it perfectly fine. but even if we find a way to watch it through some broadcasting channel in our country BY CHANCE (which is highly, highly unlikely. singapore never EVER shows good shows), we don’t understand a single thing.

    you guys taking the effort and time to sub and spread the love and help other fans like me who don’t understand korean, is an awesome and noble thing on its own (: and if we had a chance to watch it on broadcast and understand it, why would we resort to downloading from the internet then? and think of it this way! you guys are spreading the FT island love through this drama ❤ many, MANY people are always influenced towards an idol after watching their dramas (look at the recent boom of success for SS501 😀 love those boys, and they deserve every bit of popularity they gain). this way, ft island will be loved more and more people will know about this awesome group ^^

    and trust me, if i could buy the OST, i would. its just that i'm not even sure its out in my home country and if its even affordable after all the shipping costs sigh. i think its kinda nice that she's actually concerned about these kinda stuff, but i just dont think she can understand it from the point of the international fans. we're all fans here, i think as long as we support and love the boys, thats all that matters, and we are showing our love and support for the boys by watching hongki's comeback drama (:

    and after this long and lengthy ramble, thank you so much for subbing ❤ words cant express how much i appreciate all of you for subbing and making my life more fun 😀

  66. thanx 4 sharing!

  67. Thank you for subbing! ^-^
    and about the the copyright, i dont think it damages the show, because most of us cant watch the show on tv anyway, and for a lot of us it wont even come to our country. I am really greatful for the subs cus i wouldnt understand much without them, and it does not harm the ratings cus the ones who can watch it, are in korea so, either they would watch it or they wouldnt =P

  68. I live in Brasil, so I’m really thankful for your hard work, cause here don’t exist any asian dorama for selling >< if I could buy, I definitely would buy

  69. I think ppl have said all what I wanna say. Thank you guys so much =).

    And I want to send a message to pinkwind: Because you’re Korean and you can watch this Drama on TV every week, I hope you will understand us, or maybe sympathize. You can watch and understand them all, but we dont understand anything, so we have to wait to the subbing version. Of course we can watch raw ver alsso, it’s still the language problem.That’s why we always wanna thank the Subbers who work really hard to give us the Drama and then we can watch and love it more and more.

    So, please understand us.

    Thank you =)

  70. we international fans support korean artists with buying original OST or other things by ship…the price is so high. So,please understand us. I always bought the original DVD at my place when it outs although I already hv the subbed one. I hv many collection ori DVD (coffe price,princess hour….)..Subbing teams just help us to catch up with new drama or program..just my opinion..peace

  71. its merely a fact that someone wants HAPPY ISLAND to stop so they can barge in and claim the glory. …yeah go hate me. XD i mean, SUBBING GROUPS was born years ago already. and this is not the first time that someone is subbing for a certain drama. if that person wants hailey to quit subbing, she/he needs to pass through the whole team. XD

    Hailey, if you’re reading this, im going offline and needs to go to school now and let me know if you’re uploading. ^_^

  72. Omonaaa, can’t wait to watch this episode
    this drama is awesome!
    I hope cometsanfan laptop will get better soon
    Yes, Minam and Shinwoo look really good together, it’s sooooo sad every time he sees things that break his heart, I actually hope that he’s the one who will end up with minam, but I know it’s impossible -_-

    about the copyright stuff, please don’t stop uploading this drama because of it

    Your way of subbing it is really nice, the colors and effects are wonderful, it’s also very considerate of you to give black background so that we can read it clearly.

    Thank you, fighting!

  73. Thanx so much for sub
    FIGHT !!!

  74. thank you so much…… ^.^

  75. Thank you so much for subbing and sharing!
    I do hope you guys keep subbing…
    What do I do without you guys?!

  76. […] [ENGSUB] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep10 (091105) TRANSLATED BY Cometsanfan EDITED BY Hailey Special Thanks 360kpop Subbing Team. First, you saw it right ^^~ We have […] […]

  77. thanks for the 450 ..yeayy

  78. Thanks for subbing this even though you might get in trouble. I really appreciate it and hope everything goes smoothly form now on! good luck and thanks again 😀

  79. thanks for all the hard work taking time out to sub this drama. 🙂 really appreciate it a lot!

  80. 1ST of all..komawoooo again..ofcz for the hardwork^^

    2ND n probably the last for this posting..
    plz dont u ever stop the subbing xtvties u already done or will do later..plz!!im BEGGING you!!those copyright issue..ofcoz i also know about this and that R&R..but they should count on our perspective anyway..arent they ever thought how come their local artist/actors gether large amount of popularity outside the country witout doing anythg related to the promotion xtvties?!dont be too greedy..aaargh!i dont know how to put those in sentences..my conclusion is..they just dont want us to get more love from their beloved oppas i think!!;p

  81. thanks for your hard work
    we really really appreciate it

  82. SomeonefromSingapore. · ·

    Thank you for all you hardwork. May God bless you. (:

  83. SomeonefromSingapore. · ·

    Thankyou for all your hardwork. May God bless you. 🙂

  84. SomeonefromSingapore. · ·

    THANKYOU! What can i do without you? 🙂

  85. it’s a scary msg from “kind” ppl T^T…
    Huuuu~SUPPORT SUPPORT sub. team!
    that’s the only way I can do.

  86. lol nth to say about the copyright stuffs.
    but real thanks for the subs.

  87. Hey, guys! Thanks for the hardsubbed videos! 😀

    If you you’d like me to upload all the episodes to rapidshare (mirrored files), just let me know. ^_^ I have a pretty fast internet connection, so it won’t take much time. Just let me know (via e-mail) and I’ll mail you back the links.

    Take care & keep it up!!! *xoxo*

  88. thank you so much.. love you..

  89. hi! i dont know but do you need someone to help to convert vids into mp4/ipod format or sth? i think i can help! actually i wanted to be translator but i guess i’ll be a bit busy to cope with it…so at least i want to help to convert the vids? email me if you do need! thanks!

  90. Thank you for mirrors!!!! 🙂 And thank you for the fast subs! 😀

  91. expiredTofu · ·

    Thanks for your hard work. You know we’ll always support you no matter what, right?!
    We know you’re only doing this for the love of the boys and just for the sake of spreading their awesome work of art (?!). Afterall, you didn’t gain anything in return. It’s not like you’re making money by doing this. I can’t thank you enough for this. Luv ya!

  92. thanks for your hardwork and your subs are great. Thank you for sharing it. About the copyright issue, I really don’t totally get it. Well it’s a law but no one is paying nor gaining in a material thing . You bring us happiness. I think you also help international fans, like me, I wouldn’t a drama if I don’t understand what they are talking. Plus, you subbed also songs which is really great, you influenced me to listen to korean music eventhough I don’t know that language. (don’t worry only ft island and yb ost are the ones I am listening or watching mv)As far as I know, you are helping Your Beautiful internationally. Cause when the networks know that people watch it online, that’s also one of the factor why would they buy it. Sorry, idk how to explain it well.
    Thanks again hailey and ft island team. 🙂

  93. binary0018 · ·

    Keep up the good work. Yes I m one of those who d/load & watch from the Internet. However when the OST & DVD r eventually released in my market – I will still buy, if I really like the show enough.

    Frankly speaking. Your subs is far superior to the ones in the officially-released verion! The qlty of their translation is q bad!!

    Also, the producers should be grateful – coz u are actually them a favour by helping to promote their shows worldwide for free!

  94. sometimes I just don’t get it 0_0

    1st; IMO true fans will definitely buy their idol’s CDs & DVDs if they can support the money. That include the OST cds. With FTI, I’ll always make an effort to buy them.

    2nd; What we, online user, had to do with the deal between SBS & our national broadcast stations. The decision to buy the copyright & airing the drama actually based on how popular the drama is. And how do the international TV stations knows what kind of drama is popular & profitable, if not for the international fans keep discussing it in the local forums and asking to bring the drama to each local stations.
    And how do we know which drama is good if we only read the news & how do we read if there isn’t any news we can read or watch?
    Not everyone have a cable connection & able to watch directly from SBS or any other stations.
    In this case, what will we read? The low rating of our beloved drama YAB >__<
    I'm not bragging that international fans is the one whom make the drama is famous. But seriously… ^^;;

    3rd; In many cases before, eventhough we already watch the dramas, our local stations still bought the copyrights and airing them. For example: my local stations is airing World's Within, Queen SeonDuk, done with BOF etc.
    Did we already watch it before? yes!

    4th; Do we know how good korean dramas or Kpop groups/singers are? Yes. How come? because we have so many kind people who helps us by uploading & even subbing so many things.

    If I'd never watch FTI, I won't like them… I won't buy any their CDs or DVDs… what for? I don't even knew who they are..

    so what is the damage 0_0

    so sorry for the long comment & unstructed grammar *couldn't concentrate enough* ^^;;

  95. Thx so much….^^
    U help many people who dont understand korean to enjoy this cute drama.

  96. First of all, thank you for taking the time to sub this awesome drama for the international fan community~

    Yes, there is some truth to what he/she said about copyright and stuff. He/she must also be a fan of this drama and I sort of get where that person is coming from. However, it must also be understood that international fans like us do not have the opportunity to watch it as quickly as the Koreans. Some of us would never even get to watch it on our local TV screens.

    Hence, we have to rely on fansubbers to understand the drama. If we could contribute to the ratings in any way, I believe we would definitely try to. I feel that some, ok if not most of us, would also be willing to spend money on the OST, DVD and other related merchandise as well.

    Also, by having fans watch it online, doesn’t it create even more (international) hype for a drama and just show the TV station that their drama was successful even though its ratings weren’t as skyhigh as BOF?

    Idk I think I’m just rambling here. Haha. I’m just sharing what I think about this here.

    Once again, thank you for subbing this drama and providing DL links! ^^ Fighting~

  97. an_ubzgal · ·

    thank you for upload and thank you for sub team

    my english not good sorry about i can’t say about copyright but “Fighting”

  98. thanks for sharing n subbing…..
    well,about the copyright thing…i think what you are doing now is like promoting this drama for people who live outside korea….international fan…and its true if we wait for the tv station to broadcast this drama,it will be years to wait…
    well,you are doing a good thing to us!!
    i support your subbing team!!
    n thanks again~


    because of u i can watch this and those drama

    i love yoyr REPLY for that person, he/she is korean people, so he/she can feel about our feeling in other country, in my country, indonesia, it’s not a big deal, if the station tv interested with some korean drama, they will appear it,, isn’t it??

    Thank you for all of u guys for the hard subbing time..

  100. well firstly she is from KOREA so its very likely that she understands KOREAN, so she doesnt understand the agony and pain of those who DOESNT UNDERSTAND KOREAN~ turn the table around, she’ll prolly have nothing to say.. aannyywayyyy, thanks for subbing/uploading uber quality videos~ ((((:

  101. firstly, thank you for the subs!
    2ndly, wow! that is one nice comment about copyright. yeah. she’s right about the copyright thingy. but as of all you said, u didn’t do any damage. we aren’t helping the company either if u don’t upload this. lol. (we can’t help to increase the rating of the drama or whatsoever because we are not in korea.lol. that’s what i think). but one thing for sure, by uploading&subbing this drama, this team spread the love to korean stuff and also the love to FT island. FT island will get more fans, and they will buy the albums.and that’s helpful

  102. imo, it’s just one of the concerns of korean fans. i’m not bashing and all, but may be the fan is a little selfish. i’ve heard korean fans sometimes feel selfish when they’re idols go touring on other countries.

    or maybe she is just concerned about copy rights and stuff. but from a view point of a fan, i think the spread of fame is a good thing even if it’s illegal, as long as its not the artists themselves who do it. 🙂

    anyway thank you for subbing!! i’m late on watching this drama. and i thank you for keeping this site and the subbing team alive! 🙂

  103. Well, i dun think it does any damage. Those fans overseas who watched YAB and love it will support YAB by buying their OST or the dvd when it comes out. You are in fact spreading more love for YAB.

    Thanks for subbing and everything! You guys are great!

  104. thank youu!!this drama is jjang!!!=)

  105. thank you so much for making the effort to sub!! (: appreciate it!

  106. thanks for ur hardwork…

  107. Thank you for subbing these! It is very helpful for those of us who will never get to watch these shows on TV and don’t know Korean. It’s spreading awareness and love of the show and Korean culture, if I could buy/rent this show subbed I would but it’s not available.

    Second, the mediafire links don’t work, can you upload them again? Rapidshare takes forever to even give me a link :[

  108. to be honest, i kinda hate this copyright thingy
    just do what you think is right

    like seriously most of us international fans really cant live without subs.

    and thanks so much for subbing this ^^

  109. missgermany100 · ·

    I understand their complain.. but than i don´t. I dont think this is doing any damage, because in most of the conties you aren´t able to get a hold on this drama, and if, you get its just in korean.
    And as far as i know, ther never was any korean drama released in Germany and i don´t know about any upcomming, so i don´t know how to watch this otherwise..
    Im very thankfull to everyone who spends his or her time subbing shows and dramas for us international fans. Actually this is just about sharing love.. -.-

  110. Stephanie · ·



  111. we want season 2!

  112. i wiil ove them fore ever i will whait or the dramas

  113. So…you’re not violating any rights and what you’re doing is legal? I rather be following the laws even if it means I can’t watch anything… Haha

    But thanks anyway.

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