[ENGSUB] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep06 (091022) (IPOD MP4)

SUBBED BY Winterxstar

Episode 6!! up for grabs. ^_^ I’m so not over yet with episode 10. hahaha.
la la la la enjoy. 😀

(– ikay here ^^ –)

Again, I cut it into parts (accordingly to the YT’s cuts) ~~ so that you’ll have an easy time to track which part did you stop.


These files work for all kind of iPod with video. including iPhone and iTouch. ^^

and i really can’t move on. ^_^

You’re Beautiful ENG SUBBED – .MP4 | 320 x 240
[MF1] [MF2] [MF3] [MF4] [MF5] [MF6] [MF7]

iPod Tips: Too small? Go to your iPod> Videos> Settings and check if the “Fit To Screen” is set to YES. if not, better select YES and it will give you a better view of your video. ^_^ Enjoy!


  1. hi hailey how r u? i m a member of this website and i wanna tell u that plz can u put some of fx performance chu for me plz i really like fx fx plz put it upload it for me thank q very much.

  2. I’ve never tried this b4, so thanks….

  3. @lisa,
    i’m sorry i’m not hailey. but i will tell Hailey your regards. 🙂

    no prob.

  4. ledoquyen · ·

    @lisa: i’m sorry but with my busy schedule like now, i’m not able to upload anything but FT island 😀
    but don’t worry, since i have to download the file for FT island’s perf… i think …there will be chance for me to upload other perfs as well 🙂

    @iKay: Shin Woo is mine !!! LOL!!! =]]

  5. Hailey,
    KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *runs to Hongki* LMAO!!!!! 😀

  6. hey, thanks for the subs 🙂

    I’d like to know which converter you use? cos i’d like to convert videos from .avi to .mp4 but my converter doesnt seem to work for me :[


  7. sentimento · ·

    thank u so much please upload the rest of episode too thank u

  8. Aww thanks a lot for this. I was so happy to watch this in the bus. but it was so emberassing.. in the bus everyone was quit.. and then i suddenly started to laugh LMAO

  9. thanks so much for uploading this in mp4 for ipod.. now i can watch YB (almost) all the time.. lol xD

  10. forgot to mention before, the photo of yonghwa above is ♥ ♥ ♥ *drools* o_o

  11. Sorry,
    Is there any error to your EP06 files. The links cannot be displayed.

  12. Oh! 😛 it’s okay now.

  13. acousticluuvv · ·

    heya thanks so much for the uploads ❤
    love this drama waaaay to much haha 🙂

  14. I love the picture XD

  15. thaks so much for putting these links up for the series. i just recently got inot kdrama and this is the first one i looked at online and i love it. i tried to order it but it was hard to find.

  16. pig_rabbit16 · ·

    OMG!! the picture!!
    shin woo oppa!!

  17. it says that 5th part of this episode is not suitable for my ipod 😦

  18. hello…please fix the first part 1 &2….i cant download….but the other parts is ok 😦

  19. SHINeeFan ;D · ·

    OH EM GEE!!!! Just look at that picture&you will fall in love with him XD

  20. is part 1 for downloading removed?! 😦

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