[Drama] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep09 (091104) [450p/352p]

sad it hurts me to just seeing Shin Woo or seeing TK & MN together broken heart
what to do sad…. he lost his chance
keke …. on the bright side, Hongki sings in this ep XDXDXD……… even it’s just one or two lines XDXD love struck you can tell how an angel sounds like big hug

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (640×352) [ MEDIAFIRE01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE02 ]

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (800×450) [ MEDIAFIRE01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE02 ]

LOL ~~ cute !!! tell me where can i get those stickers ??! love struck oh how i wish i can find just a image of it XDXD … love the cutie in between ..whistling


  1. omo! can’t wait to watch with sub! love Hong-ki voice! ^^
    just take ur time n passion to give the best sub for us, ur loyal fans..;) looking forward for that!

  2. Thank you so much. This series is nice, I like all of main charactor plus Jolie (Hong Ki’s dog) 2.

  3. i watch this episode last night.. i can’t wait your sub.. ^__^
    coz i’m not really understand what are they talking about.. hehe
    anyway, thx for sharing this link.. i am waiting for the sub… and thx for the hard work in subbing.. ^__^

  4. Thank you so much for sharing!
    However, I will wait patiently for your subs ^^
    You guys are the best of the best!

  5. ssangchoo · ·

    thanks a lot for uploading this episode…. 🙂

  6. thanks for this.. i am so so sad for shin woo’s place.. T.T

  7. HAILEY, are you here?????? did you watch the episode a while ago?? KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! hahahahahahah i don’t know what to react!!!!!!!! kyaaaa!!!!

  8. You wanted those stickers, sorry cant help you with that. BUT I do have those pictures. One pic is of the carton in the end of YB eps with text, one is without text and one pic is just the figures separated on white background.Took screencaps and played in Paint. It’s in one rar packed folder on Megaupload.


    Thanks for your subs

  9. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    I wanna know
    where can I get A.N.Jell Sticker too

    Thanks for your sharing

  10. cant wait so see the sub episode..
    take time to do the translation..

  11. ledoquyen · ·

    thank you Janett XDXDXD
    keke… i’m thinking about what to do with those pics XDXD
    love ya ~ <3~

  12. thank you for the links!

  13. wow…thank you so much!!!can’t wait for the subs… 😀

  14. thanks for sharing…

  15. hi..tq for sharing this.i’m taking this slowly.huhu..really love their imaginations in this drama =)

  16. the A.N.Jell merchandise are adorable…i hope they do sell them LOL
    thanks as always for the subs 🙂

  17. thanks a lot for the subbed vid….

  18. jus to check wit you…is ur sub up yet….

  19. hii.. for ep 9 you don’t upload to you tube?? or not yet?? thank you..

  20. CUTE!!!
    those r stickers?!i want it too^^ (greedy me ;p)
    for the fast subbed episodes..
    u guys rock!keep-up the hardwork!!

  21. @ledoquyen print it on stickable paper?? or on a tshirt? XP

    thank you so much for the links, Hailey ^__^

  22. Thanks so much

  23. TheFTiLOVE · ·

    ooooh, i want it too!!! ):
    so cute. ^^

  24. TheFTiLOVE · ·

    SO CUTE!!!!!

  25. Thank you so much for sharing the drama!!!

  26. kim hyun joong · ·

    Cute and sweet

  27. Pineapple · ·

    How do you get the cute stickers and phone tags?

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