[ENGSUB] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep05 (091021) (IPOD MP4)

SUBBED BY Winterxstar

Episode 5 of You’re Beautiful ^_^

if you watched episode 9 today…. you know what i feel. Christmas songs are love love love. ^^


(– Ikay here ^^ –)

I cut it into parts (accordingly to the YT’s cuts) ~~ so that you’ll have an easy time to track which part did you stop.


These files work for all kind of iPod with video. including iPhone and iTouch. ^^

And every post comes with a cute photo.

You’re Beautiful ENG SUBBED – .MP4 | 320 x 240

iPod Tips: Too small? Go to your iPod> Videos> Settings and check if the “Fit To Screen” is set to YES. if not, better select YES and it will give you a better view of your video. ^_^ Enjoy!



  1. THANKS A BUNCH I have been waiting for this.. Soo i can watch it in the bus now.. LMAO

    Aw.. The MF2 Link doesn’t work. Maybe can you fix it ??

  2. ledoquyen · ·

    @iKay: you watched ep.9 ?
    T.T man ! i don’t like the way the playing around with Shin Woo 😦
    it hurts me badly watching mi nam hugs taekyung =[[
    somebody please tell me Shin Woo will have a happy ending =[[ !!!!!
    i’m so desperate T.T T.T

    it’s still good that Shin Woo has some “happy moments” in this ep though 😀
    have a nice day ^^~

    PS: keke…love christmas song too XDXD
    hongki’s voice jjang !!!!! XDXD <3~

  3. thanks….i can watch it anywhere now…LMAO

  4. pawlovesdarin · ·

    Yeah! the MF2 link isn’t working, can u fix it pls!

  5. MF2 fixed. 🙂

    yeah. it hurts me so bad too. hahaha. i’ts nerve cracking every time ShinWoo sees Minam & TaeKyung like that. Of all things.. why see them hugging? lol lol!

    anyhoo, i like the way minam chose shinwoo. hahahahahah.

    and i thought i will never hear Hongki sing in this drama. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^


  6. Thank you!!! 🙂

  7. ledoquyen · ·

    i did watch ep.10 T.T
    still don’t like how Shin Woo being hurt T.T
    aigoo ~ i don’t really like “know-ending-ahead” drama =| …. Mi Nam will be with Taekyung anyways T.T
    but still…keke… Shin Woo is now fighting for his love XDXD
    yah ~ i really don’t know how this drama going to end … think about only two people will be happy …that’s not a happy ending…

  8. Hey Hailey, I downloaded it and said to open it with Itunes, but its like zune file, so it doesn’t work with my itunes?
    I’m so confused D:

  9. ledoquyen · ·

    @Rachel : it wasn’t me who converted this video … so you should ask iKay 😀

    wohh ~ iKay, are you there 😀

  10. i’m here now. lol. 😀

    @Rachel, it works for iTunes. i dunno what you mean if it was a zune file or something, but it will definitely work on iTunes since its an MP4 file. 🙂 let me know if you’re still having problems.


  12. love u!!
    thank you soooo much =)

  13. Load of Thanks for three of you Hailey, Winterxstar and Ikaychun. 🙂

  14. thank youu tonss!! This saves me a lot of time 🙂

  15. pig_rabbit16 · ·

    why I can’t download the last 3 part of this episode!!
    pls.. help me!!

  16. KelliiKells · ·

    Tank joo so much for uploading this!! =3 but i just wanted to say that that MF5 isn’t working 😦 sniffle help please…? :'<

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