[ENGSUB] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep07 (091028)

SUBBED BY Winterxstar.
i feel annoying that some people said i’m stealing subtitle from Viikii…. waiting WHAT is that all about ?! duh ~ as if all the english subtitles are coming from their treasure subbing team ..raised eyebrows
and i’m also insist that i’m only doing this because this is “Hongki’s comeback drama”
And if there’s any further argument about this, we will just stop to protect our subbing team, Primadonna and FT Island.

Don’t go anywhere to talk about our subbing team that way ! Come here and talk to ME instead. If you don’t like my subtitle or my subbing team, just go to your treasure sites. I’m not doing this for you then. OK ? Are we clear ?

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (640×352) [ MEDIAFIRE01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE02 ]


[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (800×450) [ MEDIAFIRE01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE02 ]



(The rest of EP.7 are all uploaded on Pyrite5ive Channel.)


  1. ep 7 is here…thanks guys for subbing and sharing
    really appreciated so much. Hwaiting!!

  2. yay!
    thanks Hailey & Winterxstar for your hardwork~

  3. thanx for the link…

  4. thank you for subbing

  5. Thanks a lot

  6. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  7. thhaaaaaaaaaaaaannk youuu <3333

    i'm always waiting for your sub ❤

    you're awesome

  8. kahmunnie · ·

    thank you for sharing!

  9. Thanks!!!
    And pleaseee don´t stop your subs!!!
    you work and the work of this subteam
    is really apreciate for a lot of uss
    so pleasee continue!!1 😉

  10. thanks for always subbing so fast =[

  11. Thanks a lot for ur hard-work

  12. thanks <333

  13. IGNORE THE HATERS. Primadonna and even non-Primadonnas love you<333

  14. i prefer your subtitles

    some of the users at viikii are self-righteous morons

  15. Thank You So Much 🙂

  16. love_sarang · ·

    omg..thanks a lot for da super fast subs!! I love your subs espc when OST is played.. thanks again.. keep up the good work!! ❤

  17. thank for your hardworking and subbing.
    but i still like your sub more >///<
    once i go to their site i feel like…
    i need to go back to see your sub haha+

  18. hi there! thanks for the updates..
    and yes, plssss pretty pls dont stop the subbing.

    and yeah, primadonnas and non primadonnas love u 🙂

  19. ennairacm · ·

    honestly, i prefer your subs over viikii’s..that’s why even they do release really fast, i still wait for yours cause the quality’s much better..and the comments they insert at the top of the vids just annoy me.. :p

    don’t mind them..and keep up the good work~!! ^^

  20. Thanks for the subs! The first part in mediafire isn’t working for me… darn it.
    Oh, and don’t mind the haters. You’ve got all the love from us! Please continue your hard work!

  21. Thank you for your hard work

  22. kimheetul · ·

    waaaa….you guys r really fast..thanks for the sub!!!

  23. thanks so much for subbing the drama so quickly for us to watch (: i don’t believe any word about you guys stealing subs, and i really, really appreciate all the hard work put in in putting out quality and fast subs for us (: all i can say is thank you so so much, and i hope that this will make you guys feel better~ ^^

  24. priscilla · ·

    those ppl are just too low life.. your subs are the best ! always love the way you ppl subbed it ! ^^ thanks 😀

  25. manawdong · ·

    Thank you so much for your kindness and all your hard work…
    This is alway the best for me…..

  26. moondance · ·

    awesome…. really fast n already HS…
    love ur subbing team.. TQ a all ur hardwork.. really appreciate this… HWAITING!!!

  27. sexy4yennie · ·

    thank u ur subbing gals…I’m waity 4 eps 8

  28. kame_lovelove · ·

    thanks so much for subbing XDD


    man, i just hated that UEE have to play such a bitchy character in the drama.. 😦

  30. seulmichan · ·

    i dont what to say
    but i love dis subbing team
    dont stop your work
    im gonna support you guys no matter what
    really appreciate all you works
    thanx 4 subbing ^ ^

  31. no no no1 I believe that you didn’t do that silly things.I believe it comes from your team.DONT STOP YOUR WORK!

  32. is that happened to you??
    I hope you feel okay right now
    I’ve never checked your yt’s channel, but always keep refreshing your page

  33. seriously some people should get a life if they arent appreciative of your efforts.
    please know you guys have supporters 🙂

  34. wow you are fast :DD hahaha.

    btw, aint all english subs about the same ?? lols. if its really different, doesnt it mean that the subber totally dont know korean or english ? hahas. its just my opinion (: hahas 😀

    will be back for ep 8 😀 !!! keep up the good work ~~ :DD

  35. waahhhhh!!!! thanks!!!

    i’m really loving this drama!!! 😀 😀

  36. tq so much for d hardwork~!!
    keep up the good work~ ^^

  37. yuNhobellA · ·

    me don’t understand….somebody stole your softsubs isn’t it?????
    btw, thanks!!!and cheer up…i feel bad watching this with the subbers being mad…LOL XD

  38. just ignore them, me as primadonna *and I’m sure everyone else* will support you all the way!

    thanks a lot for your endless hardwork, Hailey *hugzz*

  39. Thank you so veryverymuch for subbing and uploading these episodes! Please do not bother about such people who accuse you for not reason at all. =.=

  40. Dont worry about the people who hate. You do a great job and as evident above their are many people like myself who appreciate what you do! Keep doing what your doing! Thank you!!!!

  41. SiLVeRLadY · ·

    Hmm..How can they say you steal subs from Viikii??
    Your subs more better than that..
    Just ignore what other people said..
    Like you said,,you’re doing this because of Hongki’s.. 🙂

  42. ehhh?! your subs are waaay different than viikii!
    thanks for continuing to sub this great drama 🙂

  43. aww this is rude!
    i know you all put a lot of effort into subbing
    they shouldn’t have said that!
    i’m grateful for your hard work. 🙂

  44. victoria1 · ·

    Y is it that the part 1 and 4 do not allow me to download? Is it juz me or the rest have the same problem?

  45. just ignore them….u cannot please everybody in this world…there always will be somebody that will say something….just do what you feel right…don’t be discourage…we all love Hongki right?!!…

  46. victoria1 · ·

    Is it juz me or do the rest face the same problem that part 1 and 4 show error messages when i try to download?

  47. benxavier · ·

    dont listen to those crab…$#@^^&&
    i will always support u guys

  48. waaaa!!! waiting for this..
    Thank You for subbing and sharing!!

  49. CathyLovesJunsu · ·

    thankz for the subs… and u should just ignore those ppl cause i totally believe u didnt steal them… its so different…

  50. Thank you so much for subbing each and every episode. The subs are way better here!

  51. Thank you so much!

  52. Thanks so much 🙂

  53. heya! thanks ALOT! please continue subbing, yours is so much better than the viikii one. im sure alot of us prefer quality over speed. 🙂


  54. Thanks for the subs again!
    Subbers at viiki are a bunch of drama queens. They really need to chill about the sub stealing issue. It has gotten way out of hand.

  55. an_ubzgal · ·

    thank you for upload and thank you for shared ^^

  56. ow nohh~~ stupid netizen….
    thanks for subbing this..
    viiki subbing annoyyed the light of me….

  57. thank you so much you are fastest!

  58. thanks for your subbies!!!
    ignore those rubbish talking people.

  59. That’s ridiculous. They are just jealous XD
    Thanks so much for the subs!!

  60. thanks alot for subbing this!

  61. thanks for all your works and always support here!!!
    support you and your sub. team!

  62. NO WAY!
    I can’t believe people even say that!
    I know vikii comes out with subs really quick but like many others, I wait for your subs because it is so much better and more accurate too.
    (I watch this series with my Korean friend and she says your one is way better so she doesn’t let me watch vikii o_O)
    Thank you so much for your REAL subs!
    Ignore those antis. They really have nothing better to do with their lives!
    Aja aja hwaighting!

  63. oh man, i just came and saw this. 😦
    i’m sure your subs are different from Viiki. i’ve seen both your videos and theirs.

    don’t worry Hailey, you have your supporters! and anyone can see that the subs are different.
    don’t feel dejected! we love you! ^^

    (p.s i’m here just to grab your awesome videos even though i’m not supposed to touch the com XD see ya sooooooon!)

  64. thank tou for this…
    i’m becoming a fan of lee hongki and FT island because of you guys…. such a dedicated group of faithful fans…

  65. yeah, dont stop sub this drama..
    we all support u…
    just ignore those annoying people..

    thanks for subbing this episode

  66. ah i love that you’re subbing this!
    thank u so so much!
    i’m watching it on Viikii too
    but the subs are totally different!

    i had to change name of part 3 though
    idk if everyone had that…but it was like
    avi_2.003 @ the end

  67. thank you so much for subbing this drama!
    boo all the annoying haters,
    we’re supporting you with all our hearts! ❤

  68. thanks for share
    I really love your subs..
    who said that you guys steal?!!
    they should be thanks to you
    make us have download link like this..

  69. Who’s the person who is saying that? Obviously he/she is just bullshiting because anybody who isn’t blind can see that the subs from vikii and your subs are different in the way you phrase the sentences. Don’t worry bout it! You got us supporters! ❤

  70. thanks!! duh, who said that?? that’s rubbish~~ i like ur sub… tq again.^^

  71. thank you so so much for this! ❤

  72. first, welcome to the new translators! =)
    then, i always wait for your subs cause i don’t especially like viikii.
    Your subs are very cool and you’re really fast.
    Always thank you ♥
    Fighting the team~ !

  73. monikittica · ·

    thanks for subbing it! don’t listen to those ppl! u guys are unique! keep it up!

  74. Thanks!

  75. kyahhh! thanks loads!! XD

  76. kenken-kitty · ·

    thank you so much for your hard working^^

  77. thanks for subbing this drama…

    juz ignore the haters…keep it up guys!!

  78. Thank you! There were some problems with people on youtube stealing subtitles from viikii and maybe someone got confused and gave your blog adress or something. Anyway we all know you are not stealing since your subtitles are better then theirs…XD Thanks again for the new episode….^__^

  79. <3. woooo thanks ! i always wait for your subs.
    please don't stop subbing this drama.
    i love the quality & subs.
    (: !

  80. Don’t worry about what a few people say. A lot more people support you and the team.

  81. bang tuyet · ·

    Just don’t mind what other people said. your work is greatly appreciate my many of us here. so keep up the work. n once again thank you for the new episode ^^

  82. aquarianunicorn · ·

    thank you so much for your hard work
    the people who point fingers at you are mostly the ones who contributed nothing.

    keep up the good work

    btw, do you happen to have the opening credits?
    i would love to have it – please?

  83. ah dont listen to them! we believe and support you<3
    🙂 we love you guys!
    haha and also, thank you for the subs!

  84. just ignore what they say…they got jealous of you by releasing subs faster than they are XD…but no worries many ppl in ur blogs support you & the team. hwaiting!!

  85. Francesca · ·

    ^ yeah true!!
    iam always lingering around your blog waiting for your subs!!
    cause your subs jjang!! XDD
    thank you!

  86. what ever it is..u guys still rock!!
    dont give-up on those matters..
    we’re here to give you all support!!
    thank you so much for the fast subbed videos..
    jjaang!!u deserved it!!!love you guys..
    thanks again^^

  87. thanks for the subs.just ignore those who said you stole viikii’s subs, they probably have nothing better to do. thanks for your updates as always^^

  88. Thanks a lot ledoquyen and winterxstar for your hardwork. I really appreciate it


  89. WOO! thanks! pls upload the 800×450 aswell!

  90. Thank you! 😀

  91. thanks so much

  92. babiiphannie · ·

    thank you. don’t worry about them haters. they just hating. ur subtitles are more clearer & less of a hassle to read. the one on viikii are annoying since they put their comment in it too.
    anyways thank you so much. Prim loves u

  93. victoria1 · ·

    Thanks for the subs…its only with these subs that we are able to share the common topic of K-dramas. So lets juz ignore those who are ignorant!


  94. thank you so much!

  95. Thanks so much for sharing and subbing it so fast.

  96. thank for your hard work..really appreciate it..

  97. thx again sweety for providing such acurate and clear (not to mention FAST!) sub.
    pls dont mind those ungrateful trolls


  99. Thank you so much!
    tbh, i prefer your subs over the other subbing team, thats why i always wait for your subs, please dont stop, it might even just be a troll deliberately trying to annoy you. Of course subs will be alike, its not like the actors say different things in the same episode, so there are going to be similarities, but ill respect your decision, but losing your subs would be sad.

  100. It’s just some stupid thoughts from some idiots :)) Never mind those stupid things :-j You’re awesome, let’s proud about that 😀
    Thanks for ep7’s engsub 🙂
    I really appreciate your hard-working~

  101. Just wanted to thank you for subbing. And I hope that you won’t stop subbing this drama, even though I know that this is a hard subbing project. Just ignore the haters.

  102. ignore the stupid vikii thing.. urs is much more better..

    thanks for sharing ^^

  103. lol. dear, don’t be bothered by those blabbermouths. just continue doing what you love. ^^ k??

  104. OMG, you’re quick!
    I’m sooooo happy subtitles for ep. 7 and 8 are already done, you don’t even know how much I’m into this drama *___*
    Thank you sooo much!<3

  105. ignore those suckers and keep doing what you’re good at. they’re just jealous

  106. thank for the link and i love the subs
    please don’t stop ❤ ❤ ❤

  107. thanks a lot
    they’re just jealous of your good work

  108. i cant DL part 2 & 4.. why…

  109. Thanks for the subs! The second part in mediafire isn’t working for me… darn it.. so sad…
    Oh, and don’t mind the haters. You’ve got all the love from us! Please continue your hard work!

  110. Thank you so much for subbing, sharing, and uploading!
    Please…please don’t care about what other people said.
    We know your love for Hongki^^
    We love your sub which is so clear and beautiful!!!!
    Really appreciate for your hard work!!!!

  111. hey thankew so much for this! i daresay i enjoy watching the show thru you guys than on vikii.

  112. Thanks for 450p

  113. YAY 450 ^^

  114. thanks for the 450p …

  115. Thank you for sharing and…don’t be mad. Be sure that there are still a lot of people that can appreciate your hard work^^

  116. thanks for sharing~~

    aww, just dont ruin your mood because of them!!!we believe in you and this is because of your hard works and dedication!!! ~~

  117. thank you for your subs!! ^ ^

  118. hi Thanks for the subs.

  119. woots! thank you for the 450p!! ^^
    I love ur subtitle!!
    Seriously…ur subbing is fast =D ^^

  120. thanks for your hard work and subbinG!!!
    seriously really appreciate it!

  121. sentimento · ·

    thank u so so so much

    YOur subs and Vikki’s are way different so whoever said that is dumb and I think that happened a long time ago so either way it wouldn’t be you guys whoever said that is dumb!

    But I have a question…. I tried to download the vids and it downloaded as a text file so I make it an avi file so I tried to convert it but it won’t let me…. T.T!!!! Does anyone know what I should do? bc i have episodes 1-6 for my iphone but i can’t get the rest and it would be really really sad if I only have half of the show…. Anyone know what I should do? I have a mac so maybe mac s stupid or something? (maybe it’s just me thats dumb….) but anyways!!


  123. ledoquyen · ·

    no, your MAC isn’t stupid…keke
    the files that you downloaded are 001, 002, 003..etc files, aren’t they ?
    Just need to use HJ SPLIT to join them in, you’ll finally get only one avi file 🙂
    type HJ SPLIT on google and you’ll have it 🙂

  124. mickyoochunlover · ·

    thanks a lot for this episode…
    yess,my final exam is over..now i’m going to proceed DL the rest episodes..aww,i miss MINAMI Sineyo drama~~
    now, i watch this drama back~

  125. whaaaat??
    you are the best!
    wayy better than viikii 😮
    you guys try your best to make us happy ^^

  126. thanks again for sharing this drama….thanks for subbing….
    dont let others discourage you….you know yours is better than theirs….
    so,cheer up!!

  127. those kind of people who always compare (and even worse saying that you are stealing subs from other group) is just so mean. just ignore them. we know you work hard for this. and thank you for the subs again! *i think you are way better than viikkii*

  128. thankssss

  129. why the subtitle doesn’t show? which codec i have to download to watch?

  130. meung-hee · ·

    it’s aewsome i really like it but OuO

    why don’t you put all the episode in the same page cause i always open it in the same time so please do it and put them in the page ^^

  131. thank you thankk youu

  132. thanks 4 sharing!!!

  133. thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  134. Stephanie · ·


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