FT Triple – Love Letter (Mcountdown 091029) [TS 720×480]

i got a warning because of sharing FT Triple’s album in my wordpress broken heart that’s why i can’t share anything related to them now crying (i don’t want my blog got deleted tongue)
However, ^^~ don’t worry ~ their performances will be fully uploaded here love struck



  1. great perf. ohh thats’ too bad..i hope i can see FTI activities in future in your blogs. anyway thanks so much for sharing it with us

  2. ledoquyen · ·

    ah no ^^~ ofcouse i will still upload their futur activities ^^~ shows, performances …everything except their album (and probably MV 😦 )…
    things will get better, i hope !!!

  3. the boys did a wonderful job! they look great too. i’m beginning to like jaejin’s voice more & more each time i hear him sing. thanks for the upload

  4. matsurika · ·

    thank you for this..
    i saw some blog in wordpress closed because share awesome stuff like you..*sigh*
    i hope this one won’t get any warning in the future..

  5. ohh

    a song beautiful

    i like it

    thank you!!!

  6. I like this song

    THank you so much

  7. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    I hope they won’t warning again
    It’s very bad to close blog 😦

    Thanks for your sharing

  8. I’ve been waiting for this perf!!
    Thank you very much and Fighting ^^

  9. Thanks for sharing…

  10. del. the songs to play safe is fine.
    i don’t want this blog to be closed >.<
    otherwise i'll cry =P

    thanks for all!

  11. that’s the spirit!
    Anyway…TQ very much…
    really appreciate ur works…

  12. im going to cry if they delete ur blog ): hahas. taking this ! 😀 Thanks

  13. Thanks so much for sharing! Love this song very much!

  14. thank you so much for this.
    oww.. that’s too bad.. it’s better to make back up of your blog first, just in case.
    I hope things will get better.

  15. aah u can’t uplod their album n mv ? huhu…
    i hope ur blog don’t get warning again…><

    thx a lot for sharing this perf..^^

  16. Park Dong Ri · ·

    Thank a lot ^^

    Iwant to see *-*

  17. SErSInish · ·

    Thanx for sharing..really hope this blog will not be deleted..i’ll cry too if its close..

  18. i don’t want they closed ur blog
    u always give us a huge help – to get FTI’s video , shows ,and of course about their album too

    and it help me sooooo much

  19. yay! thank you so much!!! ^^

  20. Thanks very much! It ‘s sweet Halloween gif!!!

  21. thanks for sharing this…
    AWW that’s so unfortunate
    Wordpress suspends a lot of blogger because of file sharing 😦
    why don’t you just move to blogspot??
    just a few thought

  22. Thxz a lot for sharing^^

    Love this song so much. . .

  23. moongirl84 · ·

    Thank you!
    Nice song!

  24. Thank you so much for sharing ^^

  25. Thank you so much.

  26. mickyoochunlover · ·

    Owhh~~please,i dont want ur blog to be deleted…*worried*
    btw,thanx a lot for this perf~~^^

  27. star_shine · ·

    Looking forward to it~ Thank you!!

  28. love their performance, thanks for sharing!!

  29. ouch!! better be carefull, but I do understand with those policy 🙂
    I’m gonna freak out if something happens with you or your blog 😛
    thank you for sharing, Hailey ^^

  30. I’m really excited to see this. Thank you so much.

  31. Leader and Minhwan = hotness overload!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    [Runs to re-watch]

  32. jonghwan

  33. thanks!

  34. leada looks like an angel =3

    thanks for sharing

  35. ohhh!! so we can’t get their albums here??
    how about their music videos?? you will still upload them, right?

  36. thanks for sharing. I hope your blog will be safe and sound.

  37. Thank you so much!!!

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