[Drama] A.N.JELL (You’re Beautiful) – Jeremy Cut Ep07 (091028) [HD 1280×720]

actually big grin i didn’t watch ep.7 (except for Jeremy cut) ^^~~
Gosh !! if they keep showing least and least Jeremy’s part like this …. i think i could even stop watching the drama broken heart
and also … my favorite couple won’t be together anyways … thinking

(Credit: 레모나)



  1. it’s da same case in EP8.
    oh my Jeremy~T__T

  2. yes i noticed it too … less jeremy now ..
    and his hair are getting weirder … less cute

  3. Minh_Nhut · ·

    Thank you for this cut but can i request Minam Cut (when she’s singing “Without a word”) ?

    Thank in advance.

  4. whoelse_i · ·

    Aww..Please don’t stop watching this drama..Erm,,i also hope next time they will show more part of Jeremy’s..He’s so cute and funny..Fighting for Jeremy!! 🙂

  5. connhocmutkeo · ·

    Ki’s part is short but always impressive, esp ep8. If I were Go Mi Nam I would love jeremy
    thanks for sharing^^

  6. so you’re not after the story?? gosh.. it’s a pathetic reason.. stop watching immediately..

  7. ledoquyen · ·

    duh ~ ofcouse i’m after the story !!!
    but duh ~ can’t i have my favourite couple ? i like Shin Woo better than Taekyung, and i want them to be together… what’s wrong with that ?

    and i’m not gonna deny that i’m watching this drama JUST BECAUSE OF Hongki !! YES. and once again, what’s wrong with that? …
    And thanks to Hongki that you’re able to have my damn sub to watch !!!
    STOP being such a ungrateful pereson !

    Who cares ~

  8. i didn’t downloaded any videos on your site… excuse me..

  9. @ledoquyen.. that’s too harsh.. i wonder who is that person… uh. just don’t care about him/her… whoever he/she is…

    @unknown.. just SHUT UP!!!!!!

  10. ledoquyen · ·

    @jjfofx: keke… thanks honey ! <3~

    @unknown: i didn't say you do ~ but since you don't why would you come here anyways,
    and if i'm not wrong, you came twice ! as i see it!

    and …excuse me … you came to my place, read my blog (even if they're nonsenses, and we both know most of the fan's comments are biased and nonsenses!) …and you put on a comment…for nothing ! aigoo! it must be a boring night for you hah ?!
    now, excuse me … what did i do to deserve that ? i was just …complaining a little.. WHAT?! and you should know better than me that if i didn't follow the story, i wouldn't be able to sub and upload all the eps.
    and, excuse me …i would stop watching it when i want! you're not someone to tell me what to do!

    keke…it must also be a boring night for me too to write all these XDXD
    re-watch Jeremy …keke <3~

  11. lilmissfatty90 · ·

    oh…please dont stop…u have done an awesome job!!…fighting!

  12. whoelse_i · ·

    Just ignore the harsh comment..Wonder why he/she write that.. 🙂

  13. Relax~ XD
    Comments like these are normal for blogs, hehe.

    but I’m the same with you, I wouldn’t be subbing if it weren’t for Hongki~

  14. Hailey, just ignore him/her, that person is a coward who didn’t dare to put his/her name >_<
    maybe his/her life is so miserable that he/she want to disturb ours ^^;;

    anyway… I want Jeremy more too!! T_T
    thank you for the cut, Hailey *hugzz*

  15. Thank you i love Jeremy!!!!

  16. thank you so much for uploading Jeremy´s cuts …!! There are the best parts of this drama 😀

  17. please dont you have jeremy cuts from ep 6? thanks

  18. Thanks so much

  19. Thanks so much for this so that i don’t need to wait to see Jeremy! I love Jeremy the most^^ Is there Jeremy’s Cut for Ep.6 ?

  20. jeremy you or my love, I LOVE YOU

  21. i love you jeremy!!



  23. доржмаа · ·

    хайртай шүү

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