[ENGSUB] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep03 (091014) (IPOD MP4)

SUBBED BY Winterxstar
YOUTUBE Uploaded by Winterxstar
CONVERTED by Ikaychun

Episode 3 guys.. 🙂 imma keep my rant short. haha. i just finished watching Episode 7 and…. ^#@*()#@_=!!!! oh lawwd. can’t find the words to say anything. i was uploading ep3 while watching ep7.. and… ^*($#@_

(– ikay here ^^, –)

sorry for not writing anything or putting up a photo… i’m still emotionally affected by episode 7. lols. im such a spoiler. hahaha! geeesh. Anyways, enjoy Minami Episode 3 on your iPod. 🙂

You’re Beautiful ENG SUBBED – .MP4 | 320 x 240
[MF1] [MF2] [MF3] [MF4] [MF5] [MF6] [MF7] [MF8]



  1. aah i was refreshing the page and thought the 7th episode was already here..
    TT Can’t wait to watch it~~
    thanks for the mp4, will need later hahaha

  2. YAYYYYYYYY =] thank you for the mp4 i’ll be back for more

  3. 😀 thank you SO MUCH for the mp4!

  4. thanks so much!

  5. thanks for sharing this drama with us! XD

  6. Thnks you so much ❤
    but where is EP02 i can't find it? 😦

  7. hi thanks for the files. but somehow i can’t download the 3rd part. it keeps saying that the source file couldn’t be read. is there any way that you can fix this? or does this apply to me only?

  8. Hi….thank you!!! =)

  9. It'sHero-ic · ·

    Hehehe, I’m sooo addicted, it’s such a cool drama. And Hongki is so funny :DDDDDD

    Anyway, I thank you very muchooos! ^^

  10. pig_rabbit16 · ·

    I’m so addicted to this drama!!
    I can’t wait for the last 4 episode of this drama!!

    thanks for sharing!!

  11. hohoho123 · ·

    why is it that i can’t download the 6th part?

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