A.N.JELL – SNSD Genie Parody (EP06 091022) [HD 1280×720]

here it comes ^^~ sorry for the long wait ~

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (1280×720) [ MEDIAFIRE ]



  1. Park Dong Ri · ·

    Thank a lot.

    I like Honggi dance.*-*

  2. thank you for this!! ^ ^

  3. thanks.
    this looks entertaing. =)

  4. Cute~ Thank U!

  5. Thanks for uploading it XDD Love that they all seem to be enjoying themselves!

  6. Thanks for this!!

  7. Thank You so much ^^

  8. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  9. Hahahahaha =))

    Đáng kì thị quá XDD
    Thank you so much, they are so so so cute :X

  10. thanks ^^
    they’re so fun

  11. Do you think you could release an mp4 version for ipod? Thanks! (:

  12. Thanks a lot
    They’re so cute

  13. thank you so much
    i’ve been waiting for it. XD

  14. looking forward to this! thanks a lot!

  15. ledoquyen · ·

    @Grace: …you’r name reminds me of my friend 😀
    you should go to the “Ipod version entry” to ask for it (the entries of iKay ^^~)
    she’s the one who takes care of ipod version.

  16. Thank you!!! ^.^

  17. I’ve watched this in ep 6, it’s really funny, can’t help to laugh, LOL

  18. hahaha

    is funny and cutie

    thank you ^^*

  19. thank you~!! ❤

  20. @ledoquyen hey thanks for this.. but i just wanted to ask if you would allow me to share this to the forum I am moderating? it is a forum in the Philippines… and i am responsible for downloads stuffs..

    i would do proper credits but i ofcourse wanted your consent first and rules about posting it or if you’ll not be allowing me.. just let me know.. thanks..

    *still now posting any until you would allow me..

  21. i mean im still not posting any.. until you would allow me

  22. pretty HongKi <333
    thank you Hailey ^__^

  23. Thanks ^^
    Hongki so cute…
    Geunsuk…”sweet” ???
    and Yonghwa…. XDDDD
    Luv these 3 funny dude….

  24. thanks~

  25. thnk you!

  26. so funny~~~~ thankssss

  27. it’s look so funny
    thanks a lot!

  28. thank you!!!

  29. w t f ! ?
    h a h a h a s ! L m a o s !
    ~ c u t e l u s s
    B u t w h e r e i s S h i n w h o o h y u n g

  30. yow yow… thank you soo much 4 d’share..^^

  31. COOOOOL~
    I Love that!!

  32. thank you so much, i loved this parody!hilarious!!!

  33. thank you for sharing this! 🙂
    btw, do you have the other parodies?

  34. lizputs · ·

    I absolutely MUST have this one.

  35. conga10fury · ·

    thanks! so hilarious xD

  36. viand & nita · ·


  37. viand & nita · ·


  38. ichieka glatziano · ·

    i ;ike this

  39. ichieka glatziano · ·

    misss you all
    ilove you jang geun seuk

  40. hahaha.. thank you.. thank you!! i’m loving this

  41. i love u jang geun suk

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