[ENG] Oh Wonbin & Miss $ – Coming from heaven (Ep.6 CUT) [800×450]

a “preview” for the engsub of ep.6 big grin My MOST favourite part of Ep.6 love struck
– bad guy is for the drama, but nice guy is definitely for the fan XD …. i (and i know a lot of you too) have fallen in love with Shin Woo …… oh man ! how come nice people don’t have good ending sad …i hate the writers how she didn’t give Shin Woo any chance broken heart

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  1. Been getting all the English subbed episodes from here! My mother and father loves watching this drama too XD

    Thank you for uploading this cut ;-; It truly has been one of the parts my heart broke. Shin Woo! You are so kind!

    Sorry if this isn’t allowed, but may I request the ‘Genie’ parody cut after everything is over?

  2. poor shin woo…
    my jaw dropped when i watched this scene.
    he was so close to reveal himself to minam!
    this was the cruelest love scene i’ve ever watched!

    if i could, i want to hug shin woo n comfort him!

    love is cruel!!!!!!!!!

  3. SiLVeRLadY · ·

    Thanks for the subs..Really appreciate it.. 🙂

  4. ledoquyen · ·

    @ainoonee: sure sure ^^~
    i’ll upload the HD version of it ~ please wait for it ^^.

  5. Thank for the subbs!!!! I love this drama it just so FUN to watch…and I hope it continues to get better and better….I though BOF/BFF was great, this top it for sure..one of the year best drama…hope it gets better ratings cause it totally deserve it……

  6. wahhh…so sad for shin woo.
    why is it that the nice characters never get the girl? shin woo and ji hoo (BOF)…tear.T_T

  7. if only i could go and enter my computer… this is a saddddd moment for shinwoo. T_T

  8. This is my favorite part too ^^~ How can there is a nice guy like him 😛
    I hate the writer for not giving Shin Woo oppa any chance too :(( Just 1 more walk… why why why T.T
    I just wanna jump in the TV and hug him instead~ Poor him :-<~
    Did I mention how I love the way you say "bad guy is for the drama, but nice guy is definitely for the fan XD" 😀 Maybe that's why I always fall in love with guys like JiHoo, Shin Woo :X
    Keep waiting patiently for the full sub 😀
    thanks so much~~~

  9. OMG Shinwoooo~~~~ Why do you have to suffer this cruel love story? >.<
    thank you so much for subbing the whole drama ^^

  10. and and and Wonbin-ahhhhh~~~ it’s been a while since we (well me) heard his voice~ oh my I’m still so inlove with Oh Wonbin~~ xP

  11. so sad. well it might be mean for the writer to not give shin woo a chance, but then again, he`d probably be even nicer and we would all love him even more and then if that came to the end,think about how sad we would be with him too.~

    thank you for subbing ^-^

  12. Thanks xD

  13. ooo

    thanks for this 😡

    the sweetest scence and the lovely song 😡

    wonbin just gave his voice in chorus part.

    hope he comeback 😡

  14. haha~~
    his pants are way too tight xDDDD

  15. Thanks for the cut…i love SW here best..love how he looked so suave…a silent DATE!!!

  16. thank you Hailey ^__^

  17. O TOTALLY AGREE WITH ON SHIN WOO! I love the pairing SHin woo x Go minyu! I’d totally vote for them! Too bad the inevitable ending will be go mo nyu and Taekyung being together. i wish minyu and shin woo will be together even for oe or two episodes~~

  18. Thank you so much 4 uploading this drama.

  19. sunflowersxx · ·

    im sad too ! ):
    just like boys over flowers.
    nice boy doesnt get the girl.
    but thanks for the subs! (:

  20. foreverEunmi · ·

    why are people thinking keep thinking Wonbin (former ft island member) is Shin Woo, it’s
    Jung YongHwa that is playing Shin Woo not Wonbin

  21. ledoquyen · ·

    @foreverEunmi: who thinks Wonbin is Shin Woo ?
    i read all the comments and i don’t think there is O_o
    Wonbin wasn’t shin woo, ofcouse T.T
    but he sings the theme song, and that’s why this entry was named like that.

  22. thank you.

  23. Lascanstria · ·

    aaah this is definitely one of the scenes that I love to watch. it was just really really sad. I actually got emotional while watching it -_- I agree, love is cruel.. love the drama so much. and thank you so much for sharing ^^

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