Flower Boy’s Generation E22 (091013) – Jonghun, Seunghyun

this ep was like a training season for our boys ^^~ their vocal ~
aigoo ! FnC should have trained them better XDXD or the boys should have pay more attentions in their vocal class XD… that’s explain why only Jaejin is the vocal beside hongki hee hee …..*Still love Jonghun’s sweet melody day dreaming*


(Credit: 레모나)



  1. i really want to see FBG with eng sub…but where???[hukhuk..so sad]

  2. thanks a bunch, Hailey ^^

  3. thanks so much for this
    i waited so long
    flower boyes area is a great show XDDD

  4. Thanks for sharing!!! Gracias!!

  5. With what program can I watch this video? or for other video because I can’t open it with window media.. Thank you 🙂

  6. how to download this episode?? does it have eng subs.. i love watching flower boys generation! ^_^

  7. thank u very much for sharing!

  8. do you know where can i get this vid with eng sub?

  9. SeungHyunie =”=
    Why he could be that cuie TT__TT

    Thanks for uploading this ^^”

  10. anonymous · ·

    the download is in .avi file,, sadly i can’t open it.

  11. please put eng subs here 🙂 thankyou! 🙂

  12. munchmuffins · ·

    Hi, just thought I’d let you know that part 004 is currently invalid/deleted.
    Pretty please put it back up again, thanks!!~

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