[ENGSUB] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep03 (091014)

SUBBED BY Winterxstar
YOUTUBE Uploaded by Winterxstar

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (640×352) [ MEDIAFIRE01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE02 ]

MIRROR: [ PART 002 ] [ PART 004 ]


(thanks Julien Kim @ S*Flower for Megaupload link)










  1. thank you so much … kekekeke

  2. thank youuu !! can’t wait till i get back from uni to dl!! XD

  3. You are so fast with the hardsubbed
    I like you,because you uploaded in mediafire
    It is easier for me to download
    Thank you very much

  4. i’m taking this..thank you

  5. Yay!!
    Go Hailey!!
    Go Winterxstar!!

  6. love you!! so excited

  7. whoelse_i · ·

    Haha..Finally..The one that i waiting for..Thanks for the hardsubs..Really appreciated it..Excited~~

  8. thank you so much for subbing and sharing.
    i am totally loving this drama.

  9. seulmichan · ·

    thanx 4 subbing
    really love this drma

  10. strawberry · ·

    Will there be 800×450 ver?

  11. ledoquyen · ·

    but its gonna take a while ~
    i’m gonna release 450p of ep4 first ~

  12. thank you for subbing and uploading! cant wait for ep 4 subs. =)

  13. strawberry · ·

    okay, thanks XD.
    Shall take this instead. One more thing, why don’t you girls add a logo for your sub video? Because others might steal it and say that its theirs. Just my suggestion to you 🙂

  14. Thank you for the subs!!!

  15. thank you so much for this!! ^ ^
    Will wait for the 800×450 ver to come out and ep 4 as well!!~

  16. Thank you so much! ^-^

  17. Aww, thank you very much!

  18. thank you so much for subbing this! xD

  19. thankss for sharingg

  20. *——–* thank you very much ^^

  21. Cheongmal kamsahamnida…so happy!

  22. thank you sooo much! love you guys for the hard work!

  23. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  24. thanks for translating, and uploading it!

  25. thank you so much sharing and subbing

  26. luvpublicenemy · ·

    thank you so much…
    love this drama so much..^^
    keep da good work k..XDD
    love y’all..

  27. thank you xD

  28. thaaaaaaaaaaank u so much for ur hard work
    i am really digging this drama

  29. requesting for 450p ^^
    and great subs btw!! thxsm

  30. thank you so much 🙂
    thank to Hailey,Winterxstar and Ledoquyen
    banzai XD

  31. Tanpopochanchan · ·

    Thank you for this episode!!!!!!
    But I am sad… the 4th part seems can’t be downloaded on my computer… Is there a problem with my computer???? everyone can download the 4th part?
    >.<' I must be waiting to see this 3rd episode in english…
    Thank you for your work!

  32. Tanpopochanchan · ·

    After few hours waiting, the file can be downloaded! hourra!!!!!
    Thank you for all your work!!!!

  33. thanks so so much for this! <33333

  34. Thanks so much! You guys are such fast subbers, you are amazing! ❤

  35. Just wondering, are you guys sharing the bigger quality one? Just to know if I should wait a bit more before downloading because I prefer higher quality 😛

  36. thanks 4 sharing

  37. you are awesome. thank you!

  38. strawberry’s comment s quite rite, Hailey 🙂

    & thank you so much for the efforts ^__^

  39. Thank you for subbing. This may be a stupid question but I feel that I still have to ask. I downloaded the 4 parts of the episode and noted that only the first one is recognized by my media players. Is there a specific player that I have to use or did I need to convert or merge these files? Please advise…..

  40. ledoquyen · ·

    @ ycheapma: you should download HJ SPLIT and join 4parts together before open it !

    @CJ & strawberry: er…i don’t think we have any 😛
    and…i think my sub is quite…unique 😀
    i could recognize it if it’s really mine ^^~
    but …that’s a good idea…
    i think i will be working on it! 🙂

  41. Thanks a lot! I joined all four parts but the video seems to stop playing halfway.

  42. ledoquyen,
    Thank you so much for your help.I downloaded the program and was able to merge. I am sooo.. happy.

  43. i want to make a correction here.
    actually this to ledoquyen.
    not for Hailey and Winterxstar.

    @ ledoquyen, is there any HD version for this drama with engsub for the episodes that Hailey and Winterxstar have done subs???????
    i want it lol.
    i really like this drama.
    because im a big fan of hongki.
    his really cute in this drama.

  44. heyy thank you for the subtitle and for sharing but its like I can’t download the part 2 o.o

  45. oh okayy noo its okay ^^

  46. undermysky · ·

    yeay!!!thx hailey n winterxstar!!!
    i love both of you!!!
    u even upload it on mediafire!!
    but still..i cant watch episode 1…
    huhu…thx for sharing…u guys are very fast!

  47. Thank you Hailey and winterxstar

    It’s really nice of you for sharing it

    Very nice drama, can’t wait to see the next episode


  48. Hey thank you so much for your hard work, Ive tried downloading part 2 a lot of times but it seems to be the only part not downloading for me, any suggestions?

  49. hey thanks for sharing 🙂
    is it just me or is the mediafire 02 link not working?

  50. Hello, thanks for subbing this awesome drama but for some reason I can’t download part 2 of the episode, is there any mirror? I’m going crazy ;_;

  51. Quincy_ting · ·

    Hi! er…umm…can’t seem to download part 2 also.
    anybody here mind uploading it again?
    oh pretty pretty pretty please……..

    thank u so much!!!^^

  52. Hello, just like to report files number 2 and four arent working anymore.

    THanks for all the effort!!!
    I’ll be waiting for episodes 5 and 6!
    Continue on being the best!

  53. You just dont know how much we appreciate you guys for uploading this on mediafire!!!
    since im currently in the middle east right now and mediafire is just one of those unblocked sites here. yea sucks!
    so thank u!

    but theres a problem with PART 2 bcoz I cant download it…=(

    this is too much, but can u work something out about it?

    thanks a lot!

  54. hi there!! thanks so much for sharing this. :3
    i just got into watching this, and i thinks it’s really nice. ^^

  55. hi! for some reason i can’t download parts 2 and 4.. would there be mirrors by any chance?

  56. Hello, thanks for subbinggg this drama
    really thankyouu
    but yeah i also seem to be haveing trouble downloading part 2
    i dno whyy T_T
    help =]

  57. where i can download episode 3 HAN version (RAWS) are you uploaded??

  58. Quincy_ting · ·

    can’t download PART 2….huhu…
    badly need to dl…


    thank u so so so much for sharing btw!!!^^

  59. ledoquyen · ·

    GUYS and GIRLS 😀 …
    i think part 2 and 4 can be downloaded now ! atleast, i have just got them downloaded on my comp ^^~ …you should try again ~


    @cupido: you can click on the Drama / Sitcom category, or not, just simply use the search engine on the upper left !

  60. hey part four cannot be downloaded….can someone fix it pls…thanks for the subbing as well ur greatt! 🙂

  61. Heyy i’m now ABLE to download part 2 !
    thankyou ledoquyen XD

  62. kyujongie · ·

    thanks for the dls but is there a part 5 because wen i joined the files n watched it the last part is missing to it

  63. ledoquyen · ·

    @ kyujongie: er …no! there’re 4 parts only.
    because 3 files are 169mb + 1 file 168mb
    4 of them are perfectly 675mb ~
    you should check your filesize. and be sure all 4 parts were downloaded completly on your comp ^^~

  64. thanks so much for this hardsub..
    but still waitin for 450p..^^

    when will 450p version out..??


  65. Search the Web on Snap.com · ·

    hi! umm…
    do you mind uploading it to mediafire again?
    will there still be a problem if you’ll upload it on the same site?
    coz I can’t download from megaupload bcoz it’s a bocked site here…
    THank u so much again…

  66. ledoquyen · ·

    ^ there’s really no point for upload it to MF again … because like i said, MF links are fine ! you just have to wait patiently because it’s down sometimes due to busy servers.

    hope u understand ^^~ it really kills my time uploading 2 version already !

  67. thank so much for this sub….but i cant download part 4 full…only 3mb….can u re-upload wiht other….

    TY SO MUCH …

  68. part 4 cannot be downloaded…can u re-upload please

  69. hwaiting! · ·

    hi there! thanks so much for uploading all these subs. i really appreciate it alot!! ^^

    i can download the 1st 3 parts but part 4 seems to be not working for me.. hope i’m not the only one still unable to get it to work even after you’ve fixed it. 🙂

  70. hwaiting! · ·

    ahh its ok! its working now. haha. sorry for spamming. but anyways, just to let you know.. the part 4 is fine! 🙂

    thanks again!

  71. hwaiting! · ·

    i’m sorry for spamming but i think there might be a problem with part 4 cos i managed to download it, but the download always ends after a few percent of it is completed. so the last part ends up with only 30mb, for example.

    i think i’m experiencing what “kyujongie” is experiencing a few posts up. sorry for spamming!!

  72. ledoquyen · ·

    i think MF will be fine after a couple days 😀
    maybe that server bandwidth is being used too much again !

    anyways ^^~ do try that link again someday ..keke!!

  73. ty so much ledoquyen!!!!

  74. thank you very much !!

  75. waiting for 450p! ^^

  76. Thank you so much! ^^


  78. i love this episode…thanks so much!!!

  79. Hi I would like to say thank you so much for these hardsubbed videos, I’m sure they take a lot of your time and effort to do so I really appreciate them! Just wondering, will you upload the higher version (800×450)? Cos if you are I’m gonna wait and download that instead:)

  80. thank you so much…

  81. Jetzy 타락천사 · ·

    hey do you have 800×450 for this episode with sub? thanks for this and let me know if you do ❤

  82. taking this~
    thanks a lot for subbing and sharing ❤

  83. Hi Ledoquyen

    thanks for your hardworker with the team to subbing this drama..
    just wanna ask if u still have a plan to upload 450p version this of this episode..
    thanks ^^

  84. hi there….
    thanks for subbing this drama….
    n thanks for the mediafire links….
    really appreciate it….

  85. hey i hope u guys upload the 450p of this episode..
    im still waiting for it!^___^
    THANKS for subbing everything!
    i truly appreciate it!<3(:

  86. fireflyfushia · ·

    Thank you for the downloads!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  87. ep03 part it doesn’t work on me…i been trying many times already but still doesn’t work.pls help

    thank you for the downloads

  88. thank you so much for subbing^^

  89. thank you! you’re the best <33

  90. thanks for the download link!! 😀
    but the mediafire 04 doesnt work

  91. Unnursvana · ·

    I only get the first 32 minutes 😦

  92. angelfaaan · ·

    hi!thanks for uploading!but some mediafire files are not working.please help!

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