[ENGSUB] A.N.JELL – Mnet Wide News Interview (090930)

333hey guys ^^~ we’re really sorry for being late in this interview T.T i was trying to have it subbed before the drama broacasted… Anyways, here’s it ^.^
(PS: We’re currently lacking of Chinese/Korean/Japanese translators sad…please help if you can ~big hug)




  1. whoelse_i · ·

    Thanks for the subs..Aww,,wish i can help..Coz’ i only know how to encode and upload.. 🙂

  2. ahh thanks for the sub ((: hahas. btw, this drama airs on wed and thurs only right ? will u be uploading ep 3 ? thanks again ! 😀

  3. hey, I can do some help in translating from Chinese to English. So feel free to contact me via email if theres a need =)

  4. Thanks so much for the subbed version!

  5. I love JGS voice….is so sexy, manly and dreaming….that why I love that song…..

  6. purplebee · ·

    love the drama….thanks a lot!!

  7. thank you very much 😀
    The size is bigger than usual 😀

  8. thank you very much!! <333

  9. hi, i think i may be able to help on translations from english to chinese, so if you need help you can send me a mail.

    😀 thanks for uploading too! 😀

  10. thanks a lot, Hailey ^^

  11. thanks a lot

  12. Thank you so much for the sub Hailey

  13. thanks so much^^
    btw would it also possible to upload this interview into Megaupload link or Sendspace link maybe???
    i could not download from MF^^;
    thanks again^.^

  14. thank you so much for subbing it!

  15. this is such a Jjang wordpress… taking..
    thank you for sharing!!

  16. thank you!

  17. thank you ^^

  18. thanks a lot~ ❤

  19. malditangjen · ·

    thanks so much!

  20. conga10fury · ·

    thanks! =)

  21. Lascanstria · ·

    I really like watching their interviews.. hehe so i’m taking this one.. thank you so much for sharing ^^

  22. thank you so much 😀

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