[OST] A.N.JELL (You’re Beautiful) – Hongki, Wonbin, Shinhye, Miss $

Oh Wonbin’s comeback love strucklove struck
and i love his song eventhough he only sings a few lines and even if you don’t….. i still like the song no talking
some says they didn’t expected this kind of music ~ but… well ~ you don’t expect him to sing rock-ballad or rap, right ? raised eyebrows duh ~ that’s the “music difference” part (why he left sad) ~ We all know that boy don’t want to rap and he always has such soft/sweet voice, don’t we ? And that high voice is actually fit perfectly with the song big grin
Anyways, Wonbin ah ~ please comeback T.T !!!!
On another note big grin love Yonghwa’s rap in “Promise”

Release Date: 2009-10-13
Language: Korean
Genre: Ballad
Bit Rate: 192 & 320 KBPS
01. 여전히 (Still) – Lee Hongki
02. 하늘에서 내려와 (Coming down from heaven) – Oh Wonbin & Miss$
03. 말도 없이 – 9th STREET
04. Lovely Day – Park Shinhye
05. 약속 (Promise)(feat.Jeong Yonghwa)- Lee Hongki
06. 가슴이 욕해 – Kim Dong Wook
07. 말도 없이 – Park Shinhye
08. 여전히 – A.N.JELL
09. 약속 (Promise) – A.N.JELL
10. 말도 없이 (Piano ver.) – Han Seunghun
11. 여전히 (Still)(Bossa ver.) – Gim Jaeyang

(imeem playlist will be available soon)


  1. thankss I love this drama so muchhh

  2. thank you for sharing thiss! glad wonbins back 😀

  3. thanks…
    yay..won bin.loves him..^_^

  4. sentimento · ·

    love won bin thanks

  5. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    I got both ^^

    Thanks for your sharing

  6. thank you~ wonbin’s comeback *q* YEEEEEY<3

  7. yeay~ thanx so lot hailey~ ^^
    owaghh~ missing wonbin sooo much~ >________<

  8. i took 320kpbs one. There’s a damage sound at the beginning of tharck 6 Kim Dong Wook. Am i the only one who download it unsuccessful, or the file itself was damage? >___<

  9. thank you. Been waiting for the OST. Wonbin comeback, sure miss him a lot XD

  10. wah~ isnt great? knowing that wonbin starts to sing again.. i hope i will se him in stage soon

    thanks for sharing!!

  11. OMG! this is cool…i’ve been waiting for this album XD thanks for sharing…

    actually it’s my third time downloading this album…but still the number 6 track is broken… i wish this one is not…

  12. this is really cool….
    thank u so much:)

  13. whoelse_i · ·

    thanks.. 🙂

  14. ninie@cherry · ·

    thanx 4 sharing

  15. thank you sooo much! it’s been a while since we heard anything on Wonbin! glad he’s coming back!

  16. matsurika · ·

    i’ve been waiting for this one, can’t wait to listen to wonbin’s song~<3
    thanks a ton ^^v

  17. an_ubzgal · ·

    thank you for shared…

  18. kim dong wook song,the file is broken in the first part,,
    please check out,,
    but thank u very much,,
    i luv this album

  19. dear ledoquyen,
    im just wondering what is the difference between the 192kbps and the 320kbps download? cos idk which one i should download?

    thx for help!

  20. taking 192kbps.. tysm~ ^^

  21. patt02746 · ·

    Thank you very much!!!!!
    I love wonbin
    He is comeback!!!
    It really good news!!!!

  22. thank you so much, am taking the 320 kbps one! yeah i agree with taeminjjang! and kayinzky, there’s something wrong with track 6 :S do you mind uploading the fixed one please? thank you in advance!

  23. My gosh! Thanks a lot for this~!
    You rock!
    I’m loving this drama too much, yo..

  24. been waiting, thx so much for this

  25. thank you!! Miss Wonbin a lot!

  26. thank you!! i love wonbin >___<

  27. thank you for this.. please upload also the non-subs video of the next episodes … please..

  28. Thanks for sharing! 😀

  29. OMG i love the song by WonBin and MissS :”> His voice fit the song perfectly :”> His song is the song I like the most in this album =))
    Thanks for uploading this ^__^

  30. moongirl84 · ·

    thank you!

  31. matsurika · ·

    i think this song, 06. 가슴이 욕해 – Kim Dong Wook, is kinda broken, can you reup it please?thanks in advance~

  32. Lime_Squash · ·

    wow, oh won bin is back.. thank you so much for sharing…

  33. thank you for sharing, Hailey ^^

  34. thank you ^___^~

  35. thank you so much…I love your blog bcause you uploaded almost your file in MF

  36. luv it!!!!

    d song was nice!!!

  37. thank you, this drama is so funny,,,

    love it

  38. thank you kaa ^^*

  39. thx for sharing. i’m taking the 320 one.

  40. Thanks a lot for sharing

    Rumour has it that this album is having a big success ^_^

    Fighting 🙂

  41. 06. 가슴이 욕해 – Kim Dong Wook tis song seen gt problem….

  42. 하늘에서 내려와:

    도데체 어디에서 왔는지 머리에서 발끝까지 모두 완벽해
    ye 도데체 무얼 먹고 사는지 너의 표정 말투 모든것이 달콤해
    잠들땐 어떻게 잠 드는지 똑바로 눞는지 옆으로 눞는지
    무슨색을 제일 좋아하는지 너의 사소한거 하나까지 모두 궁금해
    다른 사람과는 너무 틀려 우린 서로에게 자꾸 끌려
    하루종일 니 목소리만 들려 이제 나는 어떡해~
    알콩달콩 평생 난 너만 사랑하고 싶은데 너를 볼때마다
    설레이네 가슴이 이런 내 마음을 아는지 넌 kiss me
    하늘에서 천사가 내려와 내 맘 가득 사랑이 내려와
    하늘에서 내린 천사 같은 너 사랑해 영원 토록
    ye 그래 너는 나의 수호천사 니 옆에만 서면 나는 천사
    수줍은 여자가 될 참 우숩지만 투정도 부려보고 싶은 소녀가 되
    매일 밤 우리가 헤어질때 날 위해 불러주는 너의 예쁜 세레나데
    이 모든게 꿈인가 싶어 오늘 밤은 정말로 집에 안 가고 싶어
    다른 사람과는 너무 틀려 니 옆에만 서면 아직 떨려
    친구들의 말을 모두 흘려 이제 나는 어떡해~
    알콩달콩 평생 난 너만 사랑하고 싶은데
    너도 나와 같다면 사랑을 말해줘
    사랑이란 말을 느끼지는 말아줘
    하늘에서 천사가 내려와 세상 가득 사랑이 내려와
    하늘에서 보는 아름다운 널 사랑해 영원토록
    우리 사랑 평생 지금 처럼만 약속 할게 평생 지겹지 않아
    힘이 들땐 때론 친구 처럼만 되어줄게 너의 모두이니까
    이 순간이 너무 행복해 너와 함께 웃는 너와나로 만족해
    그래 너와나 그래 너와나 우리 사랑하고 있어 지금 너와나
    하늘에서 천사가 내려와 내 맘 가득 사랑이 내려와
    하늘에서 내린 천사같은 널 사랑해 영원 토록
    하늘에서 천사가 내려와 내 맘 가득 사랑이 내려와
    하늘에서 보낸 아름다운 너 사랑해 영원 토록


  43. thank you dear!!… i really luv it..

  44. for Down from Heaven , Miss$…does she have other songs? I don’t know how to search for her online =[ I like her singing

  45. ledoquyen · ·

    @shi : Miss $ isn’t a “she” ^^~
    Miss $ is a group with 3 girls.
    You can try my category of them ^^~

  46. thank you sooo much
    its so hard to find 192kpbs songs nowadays
    i love this ost soo much

  47. thanks for the OST. One of my favorite scene of this drama is AnJell’s mini concert. wish they had had more concert or band practice scenes in this drama. Hope to see A.N.Jell band and Wonbin perform on real stage in the end-of-year concert of TV station. I also like Yonghwa’s rap, too. He shows his rap skill in a Mnet interview. cool.

  48. I Love It!! it so cool!!
    I like their Band!!

  49. thank you so much for sharing

  50. won’t somebody here help me how am i gonna DownLoad the songs?? i love their songs & i couldnt find any site where i can DL their songs :((

    are there steps here on how to DL?? coz i couldn;t make it T_T

    THANKS 🙂

  51. won’t somebody here help me how am i gonna DownLoad the songs?? i love their songs & i couldnt find any site where i can DL their songs :((

    are there steps here on how to DL?? coz i couldn;t make it T_T

    THANKS 🙂

    (imb_vill@yahoo.com.ph, hope you guys will inform me.. thankzzzz)

  52. ledoquyen · ·

    what do you mean to help you download ?
    there’re download link above and all you have to do is click on it to download.
    and if you wanna ask what to open it, WinRaR is my answer ^.~

  53. this is awesome! ❤ i dled it, thanks! But it think the file for track 6 is messed up a bit.. it skips for me. 😦

  54. thankss

  55. I love this story so much ^^
    A.N.JELL is so cute.


  56. thanks for the ost!
    I love it =)

  57. resti_gals · ·

    thank you so much, i luv it

  58. Thank you so much for share

  59. Thank you for share ,, I really love 약속 (Promise)

  60. katherine · ·

    i love you..mmmmmmmm hope you concert her in philippines…..

  61. lizputs · ·

    Thank you for sharing this. It makes me appreciate the drama even more. =D

  62. Lascanstria · ·

    waaah thank you so much for this~ I love all the songs.. they’re beautiful ^^

  63. i like it….

  64. Minta bantuanx donk…ak minta teks lagux ost anjell,please ak dah cari2 ga ktemu.,.jang geun suk-what shoul i do…please kalo ada yg tau kirim ke email ak yah…thank…anjell t.o.p. Banget…

  65. love you…………..a.n.jell……………

  66. i love you forever A.N JELL

  67. jelou llou sarajello janggensuk

  68. sarajello janggensuk alobiu para sienpre llou eunice teboi a bunkar y espero en kontrarte

  69. i love park shin hye so muchhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  70. l like drama korea

    he’s beaitifulis the best

  71. A.N.JELL will be my love for ever ❤

  72. Chuuu~ Lee Hongki and this drama so good! xxxXxxx

  73. vuelvan a subir el archivo pls

  74. By vavor go back up the files again but at 320 kbps

  75. Please re-upload the files again but at 320 kbps

  76. Why did wonbin left ft island. Seriously I prefer oh wonbin than song seung hyun T^T

  77. reupload pleaseee,, link dead.

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