[MV] FT island – Raining (Japanese Single)

i love this song’s instrument so much love struck
and the boys looks perfectly fine day dreaming (well they’re naturally fine ^.^) but the video concept giving such a warm feeling ~ (Jonghun looks perfectly perfect beside that piano <3~) And Jaejin, though he did many songs lately, he still suprised me with his vocal this time ~
You definitely should check this out ~ winking
On another note, i can’t upload their single this time because of this reason or that…. happy I’m really sorry to those who couldn’t buy their singles but to those who can, please try to buy one ^.^
I may upload their single once it’s getting old big grin u know, about one month later for example big grin

(Credit: 레모나)



  1. I really love this song as well as the MV! Jaejin’s voice ❤ wonder what the song means?

  2. wow wow wow wow~~ i lovee this song
    thanks for uploading this~

  3. thanks for sharing. 😀

  4. Thank you soo much for sharing!
    I absolutely LOVEEE this song!

  5. oh!! i love this song
    it very great
    i like jaejin’s voice

  6. ipechangminho · ·

    thx ^^

  7. not only perfectly fine, they looked more & more mature 😀
    thank you for sharing, Hailey ^^

  8. thanks ^^
    gotta check this song ~

  9. Thank you for this pv!!

  10. pynkfaery · ·

    aigoo, thanks alot for this vid!

  11. Thank u!

  12. thank you for sharing

  13. thank you very very very much XD
    Our boys look so cool hehe

  14. wow wow
    thank you !!!

  15. :-O
    above all, thanks so much for uploading this MV 😀

    I love FT Island’s image&concept in this single xD xD xD esp JongHoon 😀

    JaeJin’s voice is so amazing, but, why SeungHyun still doesnt get a chance to sing TT_TT His voice is good too T_T

  16. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  17. tartsmile · ·

    thanks so much for this 😀

  18. Dootzy.HgS · ·


  19. thank you very much!!

  20. I Love The Song, but i still wait for the AVI format..Will You uploaded it?

  21. THANK YOU!!

  22. yes, i was amazed by jaejin’s part!!!!
    and his expression!
    i’m dying
    thank you so much

  23. Can’t wait for an HD version ~

  24. what a great songggg!!! well, i’m indeed impressed by jj’s voice. thanks alot for e upload(:

  25. it’s so hard not to like F.TI’s songs.. i always end up loving their songs.. most of them even frm the first time i listened to it.. n it happens again for this song.. lol i find everything perfect here.. ❤

    they look so fine in the MV.. no more weird bangs for Jaejin.. lol the others are so fine esp Honggi w. that hairstyle n hair color.. Jonghoon playing the piano.. n i'm also surprised.. Jaejin's voice fits the melody very well.. ❤

    tysm for the upload~ ^^

  26. thank you so much!

  27. moongirl84 · ·

    thank you!

  28. Ahhh! So cute!
    I love this song!

  29. I’ve never heard this song before
    Thank you for sharing

  30. Thanks alots for sharing.

  31. thxx a lot

  32. SErSInish · ·

    thanx 4 sharing..jj voice fit the song well..i love this song!!

  33. thankssssss

  34. thanks a lottttttttt~
    i really luv this site.. hehehe

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