[Drama] You’re Beautiful – A.N.JELL Ep02 (091008) (450p/352p)

Hongki half naked https://i2.wp.com/img39.imageshack.us/img39/1253/0387389082.gif

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (640×352) [ MEDIAFIRE01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE02 ]

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (800×450) [ MEDIAFIRE01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE02 ]






  1. oh whoaaa~ lol thanks for uploading!

  2. omg…. i really can’t wait for the subs.
    thanks for sharing

  3. mwo ??? Hongie…but….it tooo “skinny” 😀

    eng sub….eng sub…eng sub…please…. 😉

  4. Thanks.
    Thank you very much!
    I cant stop laugh when watch You are so handsome!!!
    Hong Ki is so cute!!!
    Thank you!!!

  5. Ah…There was Vietnamese Sub at krfilm.net.You can downd load there.

  6. jaelover · ·

    Thanks you so muchhh !! :DDD hahas

  7. ohhhh
    i’ve fallen in love with jung yong hwa
    he's tooooooo adorable !!

  8. carpathien · ·

    totally requesting this!

  9. ledoquyen · ·

    @ Muf: really ? XDXD so i’m not the only one ?? XDXD
    love his smile XD…he’s gentle yet cool yet cute XD LOL!!
    aigoo!….i always think magnae (drumer) is the most cutest of C.N.Blue ^.^

  10. oh my….. *speechless* feel dizzy like a hammer banging over my head LOL
    he still looked quite skinny but I think he already gained more weight than he used to be ^__^
    thanks a bunch, Hailey <333

  11. Hailey… my friend just told me Wonbin will sing 1 of the songs in You’re Beautiful OST!! It’s a duet with Miss $, but still it’s WONBIN!!
    *happy mode on*

  12. thanksss I really waiting for this drama!!!
    so love it!!!

  13. thank you for this one!!! thanks for really uploading the drama the episode one is really really great…..

  14. ahh so sexyy XD cant wait foh eng subs too!! 😀

  15. thank you so much Hong ki so cute

  16. ledoquyen · ·

    @ CJ: i think you’ve misheard the news somewhere ~
    i think this’s just like the one they say Wonbin will be debuting in thailand T.T
    if he sings even just one song in the album , there must be news about it ~
    but i don’t think FnC did say anything abt this ~

  17. really? guess my friend got the wrong info 0_0
    gah I thought finally there’s a progress *sigh*

  18. wow
    hongki is cute ><"

    thank you for file

  19. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Hongki jjang *-*

    Thanks for your sharing

  20. Thank you so much^^

  21. his hair not getting damaged coz too much peroxide ? lol

  22. hahaha
    hongki very cute

    love AN JELL

  23. OMG! lee is so beautiful and so hot :3 jeje 😀
    JANG , JUNG Y LEE (l)

    ANJELL (l)

  24. love ANJELL!!!!

    thx for d upload~

  25. anjell lOs aMo Te aMo jErEmY LoS AmO AloS TrEs aNgElEs

  26. so cute jeremy…see him naked owwwwwwwww

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