FT Island – Hey Jude (Star Sketch Dream 091001) [1024×576]

Jaejin did an amazing job XDXD!!! …… hey ! who said FT Island can’t perform without Hongki shame on you…. on another note, Jin’s english is…better than hongki big grin It’s actually very good love struck

(Credit: 레모나)

(Credit: jinnienomuyeppo02)


  1. selville · ·


  2. ipechangminho · ·

    thank you so much ^^

  3. If only Jaejin’s hair is different… XD
    so proud of the boys!
    thanks a lot, Hailey ^^

  4. thank you! i was looking for a non-youtube version of this. it will be interesting to see how the boys perform without hongki. again, thanks XD

  5. zenitshu · ·

    thank you so much!!! ❤ it.. XD

  6. Thank U!

  7. love the way JaeJin did the song..though,its kinda empty without HongKi :(…but really, JaeJin english is good 🙂

    *also after their performance, the Sweet Sorrow guys sang the song in accapela, sound really nice 😀

  8. THANK YOU!!

  9. Thank you So much !!!!

  10. thank you so much for this!

  11. thank you so much for sharing

  12. i’ve been impressed with jaejin’s voice lately. and english too! good for him! his english pronunciation is a lot better than honki. but still miss honki’s voice though. thanks for uploading!

  13. thank you so much

  14. matsurika · ·

    wow, jaejinnie sing alone, def taking this one~
    thank you so much for sharing~

  15. i love the messy looking hair of jaejin…
    aa thanks for postin this vid 😀

    jaejinie-ah! hwaiting!

  16. thank you so much!!! <333

  17. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  18. Oh yeah my lovely Jae Jin XD
    Thank you so much. Want to know what he did =P

  19. thank you so much for this!
    jaejin has gotten pretty good!
    I’m proud

  20. kaizokonpaku · ·

    i love you full…
    thank for giving this..

  21. OMG :-O
    JaeJin :-O
    I think HongKi should be worry about his place as a lead vocal in FT by now =))

  22. Thanks for sharing!! >.<

  23. Thank you ^^
    JaeJin’s English is just perfect ❤

  24. wow!! i love it..thank you for sharing

  25. Thank youuuuuuuu!!!!!

  26. sabrexlxl · ·

    thank you !!!!

  27. I like their version (but not more than the original, of course, since I’m a fan of the Beatles). I wonder if they rearranged it, themselves.

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