A.N.JELL – Mnet Wide News (090930) [800×600]

Yonghwa doesn’t talk much … thinking or it’s just his hyungs didn’t give him any chance to talk much oh go on … hehe, i become someone like 4thDimension boys XDXD blushing

(Credit: 레모나)



  1. 4D guys? it must be including SeungHyun rite? LOL
    thanks a bunch, Hailey ^^

  2. zenitshu · ·

    thank you so much!!! i like them.. xDDD

  3. thank you

  4. thank you, I can’t wait for 7th october ^^

  5. thank you =)

  6. thank you kaa ^^*

  7. too bad i didn’t understand a single word 😦

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