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Flower Boy’s Generation E20 (090929) – Jonghun, Seunghyun

YES!!! XD You can’t miss this ep XDXD Those nunas T.T ….they’re…..  T.T Jonghun…..

[MV] Lee Jun Ki – I’m Ready (TS 720×480) [Mnet ver.]

[MV] Brave Brother (ft Son Dambi & M) – Invisible (TS 720×480) [Mnet ver.]

[MV] Lee Hyun – 30Minutes Ago (TS 720×480) [MTV ver.]

i wonder if the company likes it or the group like it themselves but …. there’s always someone who dies in their MV …T.T

[MV] Lee Pani – Oppa (TS 720×480) [MTV ver.]

[ENGSUB] FT Island – Hangul Island Season 2 Ep8 (090830)

Special Thanks To Miroro who helped us in this project ! ❤ TRANSLATED BY Carol Translation EDITED BY Abrenda TIMED BY Hailey This week’s phrace “Neol-bogo-sipeude” (I Want To See You/I Miss You) They had a performance at Sungshin’s girl university. They had a “dancing-stage” too