Flower Boy’s Generation E19 (090922) – Jonghun, Minhwan & Seunghyun

boys and cooking laughing what do you want more ?! XD … ai ~ XD beside hongki, i think seunghyun has the cutest expression among the members love struck



  1. mystar_hun* · ·

    Thanks you so much!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. This seems very interesting !

  3. thanks a lot for the upload!

  4. i think they’re so childish
    i feel so jealous…

  5. I took this.. thanks alot..

  6. yea ! seunghyun’s expressions are just too cute. did you see when hong jonghyun ate the raw garlic, and his face was like .. hhaha~ so cute ^^ thanks for sharing XD

  7. I want to see this filed thank you ….

    for sharing

  8. alwayshere · ·

    Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  9. Thanks for uploading! But could you please send me a copy of the softsub to my email? (anime_tezuka@yahoo.com) I wanted to watch it very badly but I couldn’t understand what they were saying.. This video seems fun.. Please?

  10. ledoquyen · ·

    why don’t you just download the subbed video ?
    or watch it on youtube if you dont want to download ?
    sorry ! if you’re not in FT island subbing team, i can’t send you softsub!

  11. thank youuu!

  12. Park Dong Ri · ·

    Thank you

  13. Park Dong Ri · ·

    Thank you *-*

  14. Thanks for sharing !!!! Thank you!!

  15. I really want to watch this but I couldn’t understand anything if there’s no sub..
    Anyone wants to sub this? XD

  16. Thanks you so much for uploading this :”>

  17. yogaaistar · ·

    Thanks you so much for uploading
    But I wonder why the last part(Mediafire04)can’t jump over(Processing download request…)?

  18. Hey!! Thank you for sharing!!
    But is there a way to play this video on my itouch?
    Do I have to convert the format?

  19. farahjoonie · ·

    hi there…Can u reupload the link.I really wanna watch it.:(
    I’ve been searching everywhere…T_T

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