Park Hyo Shin – After Love (MBank 090925) [TS 1920×1088]

enjoy ~ don’t forget 2 say thanks ^^~
wow ! in this girl-group battle dance music ..he still stands strong and gets to no.1 love struck AMAZING!!!




  1. shamilaaah · ·

    omg. his vocals are awesome! thanks alot! 😀

  2. i took this hailey… besides ft island,, i adore him a lot.. hahaha thanks

  3. ahhh…. Park Hyo Shin! thanks a lot!

  4. Love his performance! Thanks a bunch!

  5. Thank you so much .Park Hyo Shin good voice.

  6. thank u so much
    i am lookin’ for this stage:)

  7. He is no.1 this week? Awesome XD. Thank you very much

  8. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  9. is he who kick GD?
    appreciate for sharing.

  10. @omatus: haha… him alone can’t do that !!
    GD used to be in the first place…but now it’s Kim Tae Woo!
    acutually, he’s no where to be seen in the first 5 places too.

  11. his perf is not hit my ear. Is only me?

  12. PrincelyLuna · ·

    thanks so much for such high quality vid of his.

  13. Thank you so much. Hyo shin no. 1

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