[ENGSUB] FT Island – Hangul Island Season 2 Ep7 (090823)

Special Thanks To Miroro who helped us in this project ! ❤
TRANSLATED BY ohmyisland & Abrenda
TIMED BY Winterxstar & Hailey
Only now can i understand Jonghun’s pain laughing he always complain hongki’s just talking too much laughingand i can’t help but notice hongki’s umbrella kep hitting jonghun rolling on the floor ….Jonghun ah ~ Seunghyun’s annoying (sometimes blushing)with his aegyo but …hongki’s even more hee hee

(coming soon)

To Other Subbing Teams: For some reasons, i can’t make the raw file public .So, please email me to get the raw file, tell me which subbing team are you from, and i’ll send you the raw file. (email: ledoquyen90@gmail.com)





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  2. I love you and the rest of the team! Thanks!

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    this show is awesome!

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  15. taking this too,thank you^^

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    thank u!!!

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    another hangul island ^^ definitely taking this one too.. thank you so much for the subs~ ^^

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