Gift by Park Hyo Shin (090919) – JaeJin & Minhwan [800×600]

late tongue ……. i know blushing
yah ~ they were having fun in Jaeju island …leaving the 3 others working in shows and drama …(they must be jaeloushee hee)
and and and … XD when Minhwan was bathing… Jaejin …(what a naughty kid… XDXD)
ai !!! aren’t you curious what did Jin see ??? laughing

(Credit: 레모나)


  1. Yes, I do want to know! Downloading!
    Funny Minhwan with the tiny horse

  2. ขอบคุณมากๆๆค่ะ

  3. спасибо большое!)))

  4. the other 3 may got jealous with Jin & Hwan for the ‘holiday’ 😀
    thanks a bunch, Hailey ^^

  5. hahaha Im curious abt what Jinnie saw =)) *dont get me wrong XD*. The 3 others must be envy so much ;)). Poor them

    Thanks alot =D

  6. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  7. wow!!!!!!!….Thank you so much

  8. Thank you!!! Muchas Gracias!!

  9. Thanks for your sharing. hyoshin so cute.

  10. Ranchu* · ·

    Thank you very much ^^
    They are very cute~~~

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