[Drama] Hongki – “You’re Beautiful” (Broacast Notice) [HD 720]

Not much of a updates ^^~… I just want to present my new Youtube Channel love struck Specially made for Hongki’s upcoming drama “You’re Beautiful” big hug

(Credit: 레모나)




  1. mystar_hun* · ·

    Thanks you so much!!

    Honggi so cool ><

  2. heyy!
    thanks so much for this!
    and i suppose your new youtube account will be uploading hongki’s new drama rite? but i was wondering do you know anyone who will be subbing it ?
    just curious
    and also i was wondering are there any FT island forums i can join ?
    i’m new to FT island so yeah XD

  3. thank for sharing ^^

  4. hihi
    i want to watch it
    hongki so cute ><"

  5. @saarawr: i’m sure some DramaSubbingTeams will sub it eventually. This is a hot one ^.^ they won’t miss it !
    We (my team), however …is still considering on this ^^~ We may only sub Hongki’s cut !

    About FT island’s fansite… you can join lovefti: http://loveft-i.net/
    OR: http://silh0uette.ipbfree.com/

    have fun ~ @^^@

  6. @saarawr: WithS2 team already put this drama in their possible upcoming project. so just pray hard they gonna sub this 🙂

    Hailey, I’ll be waiting if you decide to sub HongKi’s cut & congratz to your new ytb account 😀

    thank you for sharing ^^

  7. hongki looks really nice in this drama :]

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