A.N.JELL – Photoshoot (Hongki, Yonghwa, Geunsuk)

OMG !! XD …. i love how hongki shy in front of nuna big grin
Seriously, CAN’T WAIT till 7th Oct XDXD !!! it’s getting HOT….love struck




  1. Honggiii~ ❤ GiSukkk~ ❤
    n Honggi is cute when he's shy like that..
    can't believe he's the one who kissed a girl in the musical.. ~_~
    tysm anyway~ ^^

  2. thanks a lot, if im not mistaken PSH still 19 years old same age with honggi

  3. He is just toooo lovely <333
    thank you so much for the link, Hailey ^__^

  4. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  5. thank you kaa

  6. thanks for sharing. jeremy hongki is so lively and lovely in photo-shooting.

  7. taking this =) tq…

  8. haha hong gi so shy..
    thanks for sharing it 😉
    love u~

  9. Lascanstria · ·

    hongki’s shyness? aww that’s a must watch! hehe thank you so much for sharing the video ^^

  10. Me Love A.N JELL Full… ^^

  11. thank you guys!!

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