A.N.JELL – Concert (You’re Beautiful Drama) [ver.2 – PDJournal]

Another version of the concert, A.N.JELL’s full song ~ love struck Don’t you love it love strucklove struck
i wonder if Hongki and Geunsuk can become close friends after this ^.^ … you can easily catch them joking around , talking, laughing … together (not only in this one) big grin … another lovely couple just like Hong-chul ?? day dreaming




  1. thank you for sharing
    I can’t wait!!!

  2. love Honggi’s smile.. n love the song.. ❤
    tysm~ ^^

  3. thank you so much

  4. thanks for sharing!

  5. thanks

  6. thanks~

  7. thanks a lot, Hailey ^^

  8. thanks..i really cant wait to wantch this drama

  9. thanx for this..
    luv geuk suk ssi…

  10. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  11. thank u… i take this one:)

  12. thank you for sharing this !! i luv Hong Gi’s hair color *heart*

  13. thanks for sharing. I do believe hongki and geuk suk have become good friends through this drama. These 3 crazy Inki MC get along so well. It’s so interesting to watch the 2007 Inki video when FT just debuted, Geuk suk and heechul were imitating Wonbin and Hoogki’s singing “Love sick” . haha.

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