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Gift by Park Hyo Shin (090919) – JaeJin & Minhwan [800×600]

late ……. i know yah ~ they were having fun in Jaeju island …leaving the 3 others working in shows and drama …(they must be jaelous) and and and … XD when Minhwan was bathing… Jaejin …(what a naughty kid… XDXD) ai !!! aren’t you curious what did Jin see ???

A.N.JELL – Concert (You’re Beautiful Drama) [ver.2 – PDJournal]

Another version of the concert, A.N.JELL’s full song ~ Don’t you love it i wonder if Hongki and Geunsuk can become close friends after this ^.^ … you can easily catch them joking around , talking, laughing … together (not only in this one) … another lovely couple just like Hong-chul ??

A.N.JELL – Photoshoot (Hongki, Yonghwa, Geunsuk)

OMG !! XD …. i love how hongki shy in front of nuna Seriously, CAN’T WAIT till 7th Oct XDXD !!! it’s getting HOT….

[MV] Miss $ – What Is Love (Gom 720p)

enjoy ~ don’t forget 2 say thanks ^^~

[MV] TaeGoon (Starring Joo Yeon) – Betrayed (GomHQ)

[MV] Tei – Poisonous Tongue (GomHQ)

[Drama] Hongki – “You’re Beautiful” (Broacast Notice) [HD 720]

Not much of a updates ^^~… I just want to present my new Youtube Channel Specially made for Hongki’s upcoming drama “You’re Beautiful”